About testimonies

Testimonies – they’re  probably the most vivid (apart from the resurrected Jesus) evidences of God’s action in the life of a particular man. Testimonies; own and others’  build faith. But testimonies exalt God, proclaim his glory!
We have testimonies for several reasons:
– We pray for something and God works. And then it happens in a way ‘visible’ to us.
– God works in our lives and then we do ‘Wow! It was God! ‘

In difficult moments, I come back to how God acted in my life, in a concrete matter – and once again I am convinced that he never failed. I know it will be this way this time! Testimonies are a retrospection in the goodness and power of God!

Testimonies can be long (for example, your way to God) and short, everyday (what God has done for me today). Here you can read long and quite everyday stories, but

We want this blogmark to burst at the seams! If you have your testimonies – send them to us by email  or via Fanpage on Facebook; we want to translate them, publish them, to cheer of  hearts all over the world! : -)

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