How to worship God when things do not change?

We love someone for what he did or what he is – and usually for what he did for us. We do not act differently with God: we love him for what Jesus Christ did for us, we love him for his love for us, but also for what he has done for us in our daily lives; when we get the job we were praying for – we worship. When we have a happy marriage – we worship. Wonderful holidays? Oh, God, you are great, thank You!
And what if NOTHING does not move forward? I just have this situation.

A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that I had to replace the motorcycle with a new one. But I had no idea what ?! I left it to God. After a few days of prayer, I knew what motorcycle I needed. I started the search. As if out of spite it turned out that I wanted a unicorn! Because this motorcycle, which I needed, was nowhere, it stopped being manufactured two years ago, in addition no one had it for sale – even used. It simply did not exist: -)

The next day I began to enjoy like wild salmon (this is my own idiom :- ) ) , dancing in the room! In my heart there was an absolute faith, we can call it confidence! It dominated my soul! I even sent messages to friends that I ALREADY HAVE THE MOTORCYCLE !! THE GLORY TO THE LORD, GOD IS GREAT !! – their answers were:  “Super !! Send me the picture !! “… .. Well, how to say that … ..not have it physically in the garage 😀 But the place of God’s promise is a more secure corner than my garage!
I could not fall asleep from the excitement! I REALLY felt as if my dream motorcycle was in the garage !!
But things did not change.
I brought the matter to God, and  I clearly heard a few facts (because I call God’s Word so) on it:
– it IS READY (for me)
– it will be ‘a brand new bike’
– I will get it for free (in any case, I will not pay for it or I will get money for it)

It was a promise so clear that there was nothing else but joy. A day later a man wrote to me who had EXACTLY SUCH a motorcycle for sale !! Well wonderful! When can I come and see it, try it ?? After a week I got the answer that the motorcycle is ….. In a warehouse. At the other end of Poland. And I can buy it. SIGHT UNSEEN.
It made me stop. It overwhelmed my enthusiasm, but it did’t take me God’s promise. I still worship, saying, Dad, let it materialize 😀 I want to hear it’s engine already!
There are obstacles. Actually, you can not see the light in the tunnel. But …. I go against the stream – because this is worship, when things are not yet visible, and when they are already taken care of in the spiritual world – and my motorcycle is!
When someone asks: how to worship in bad times, I say ALL THE MORE!!

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