A repaired car

A few days ago power steering in my brother-in-law’s  car stopped working. Anyone who knew about it, bent over the unfortunate fault, but nothing was established after hours of work. Because we once had the same problem, we thought it was a fluid issue. Unfortunately.
My brother-in-law was not happy because of the prospect of excluding such a necessary car and expenses. I felt great regret for him because of the child’s communion, and now such situation!
I started to pray for a car and when my brother-in-law mentioned how much it will probably cost, I suddenly felt a urge to tell him: You’ll see everything work until tomorrow, you will not pay a penny for it!

I also asked the Holy Spirit to tell me what it could be, what reason? And I heard one word “a pad”. But…. I kept it for myself, I did not share it.
And so we parted with the visible fact: power steering was still not working.

The next day my husband came home and said: You know what, this power steering works! B. once again inspired, looked under the mask and you know what turned out to be? That it was some …… pad! Who would have thought!

God is faithful. I love our entire world with cars including: -)


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