Living in a permanent hygge.

Someone once said: “To love and to be loved – it’s as if the sun was warming on both sides.” And I have that. I love the Absolute, and Absolut loves me. Can there be something better? More important? Greater? No.


When writing this post, I sit at a desk by a small lamp. Cat next to me. I smile since I opened my eyes in the morning. If I did not open them, it would be great too!
“This one has an idyll … not what I have.” – maybe you think, reading this.


Wait … I’ll be back to the end of October 2017. Then something happened that I was afraid for a few years – not all the time, but this intrusive thought came back to me from time to time; when I enjoyed moments spent with my friend – the other half of my soul, a voice from a distance approached quite closely and whispered: What if one day she will go away forever and you will stay?

It will not be forever !! – I answered inside me and among laughter I returned to the shared pizza, the evening spent together on the terrace in the warmth of candles and mornings with fragrant coffee.

“You know,” she said once. – When I told Dad I do not know how to pray that he already knows everything about me and whatever I would say would be flat and I do not know how to start! He said to me: Just thank me, just this.

I opened my eyes wider to encourage her further confidences, and A. said:


– And I started. I said: well, I thank you, God. (and it was so damn hard for me!) for that. And … for that. And for that. And … oh! And for that! Ah, and for that! I would forget about it! Dad, you’re great !!! !!!!!!

And so she already stayed. With a heart up, and often with hands up.

And suddenly the day came, quite unexpectedly. At night, I picked up the phone and found out that my A. had checked out for a better world – the one she had dreamed of. And I stayed.

A minute later I was on my knees, announcing the victory of life over death. After a moment I already knew that it was irrevocable.

I stood up, straightened up, raised my hands and began to worship my God.


Because His justice goes beyond my intellect. I experienced his goodness at every step. His love was with me in the dark valley. His greatness  was still undeniable. His son died instead of me and thus made the fact whether I woke up tomorrow in my bed in Czechowice, it does not matter too much. Because HE is good!


Enter his gates with thanksgiving
    and his courts with praise;
    give thanks to him and praise his name.
 For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
    his faithfulness continues through all generations. (Psalm 100, 4-5)


Sometimes you do not know how to pray. What can you come to a God who knows everything and has everything? When one evening I fell asleep with racing thoughts in my head, desperately wanting to focus on time with God, resigned, I asked God the same question as A. a few years earlier. There was one answer in all my interior: Start to adore me.


Worship is powerful


Because it does something that it can not do anything else – it effectively transfers attention from my self to God. Our ego is a dangerous interest – when this relationship is unhealthy, we elevate ourselves to the pedestal. There seems to exist we only and our affairs, our problems. And yet God is in Heaven! It is only in Him that we can see ourselves in the true, right light.

Thanksgiving changes the whole attitude of your heart – it enters into the Truth and the Truth “tunes” it. And the attitude of the heart changes everything.

It is in praise that you are in the most appropriate place – in the truest and most correct reality.

When you say words, you let the whole (invisible) spiritual world know what governs your life. Who is your authority, who and why you trust in what you hope, what is your driving force. You are standing on the bright side of the power and you announce it!

I once listened to the testimony of a former satanist. As a particular subject of Satan, he had the extraordinary power to do bad. He was able to confuse people’s life, bring disasters, but as he says, where people worshiped God, he could sense the wall separating them from afar from which he had to bounce back. It was a territory of God’s glory, and he had nothing to look for. And he had no choice, he had to withdraw.

The whole body feels worshiping  your muscles relax, your jaws too. You start to breathe deeper, you feel that you have a higher heart and you just feel better.

You build your trust and even greater gratitude.

Do you sometimes have a problem with concentration during prayer? Well, during worship, the problem disappears. Fully relaxed, relaxed, you focus naturally on the object of your gratitude.


I like to do subversive things. God also likes them !! By adoring, you are doing an absolutely subversive thing; while others complain and complain about problems, I worship God, thank Him, I praise! Things change, I change.

Worship changes the perspective. On the only right one. And it brings amazing peace. Peace, like a balsam poured over the heart, or a mild oil.


What worship has done in me?


It gave me what I love the most – freedom !! God has freed me to give thanks always and everywhere! I do not thank Him anymore for what happened to me, what I got, but also for what is and what will be. I do not live in a half-breath in a wary expectation that something bad may happen and then I will fail so badly for God! And I will regret that I was so stupid and trustful that I adored Him, although I was not for what!


God guides me and the whole way with Him is saturated with good.

I can relax and rest peacefully in His arms. Because He has good thoughts about me! (Jeremiah 29:11)

The circumstances of life are not important. Build your inner man through worship, because in the end, no matter what world you live in! It is important what the world lives in you!


You have nothing to thank for?


Jesus died instead of me and instead of you. And he is resurrected – and we can too !! THIS IS AN ADEQUATE reason, even if we did not have any other until the end of our days!


And as always, I am filled with boundless gratitude for the cause of all this, God’s joy for me. “(Regina Brett).


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