The greatest foolishness in the world.

– Think about whether it is worth to go crazy, sacrifice happiness for some idea. – they said.

And for 15 years I am sure of one and I answer: It’s worth it.


Is it easy for a man to give up love, freedom, joy, sense of life, fullness of life, peace, hope and identity? How many of you could easily do that? Give up at least one of those things forever? I mean: never know what they really are, but discard them forever and start to go in the opposite direction?

And having known  all this, tasting it and living it, how many of you would  like to give up? Having come to know true love – abandon it. Having known freedom as never before – renounce it. Give up peace, joy and reject real identity?


That was more or less one seemingly simple question to me when a Man of my life stood in my way and I told him YES. Yeshua Hamashiach.


There were many other people before me. Among othes, Jan Hus – burned at the stake – sang. Mary Johnson, whose twenty-year-old son died from  hands of a sixteen-year-old, Oshea Israel, years later, she not only truly forgives Oshea, but recognizes him as his “second son.” Bob, whose wife had a short affair with a young boy. He not only forgives her, takes her back, but also becomes a true, loving father for a child – the fruit of one night.

Anyone who decided to give their hand to Yeshua  had to face some irrational decision. Irrational in the eyes of the world, which says rather:

“I do not know about you, but I got used to the fact that Jesus is a historical figure, the subject of Sunday sermon (…) And still around December I associate with a baby with a Christmas card (…) Jesus is Jesus for us comfortable, safe, predictable. Celebrity of antiquity, who introduced a few timeless principles, but otherwise does not suit my surroundings and has little to do with my everyday life. “


Joanna Śliż writes in her book  “Największe głupstwo w oczach świata” (lit. The greatest foolishnessin the eyes of the world)  Perversely.


“What if He is someone quite different from His image, which in my mind and heart created culture, television, my experiences?” – she continues.


And what if,


One day and I stopped on this question. Because I needed someone who embraces more than me. Who has one idea more and this idea is a remedy for everything that troubles me. If they say that a man can do anything, then I began to wonder where this power center is. Because somewhere must be somewhere farther than my mind, my life experience, my I CAN.

And he came. And he made himself known from another side, he showed Himself as someone completely different than my previous image of Him.

He fired me the system. But he did it in such a way that when I read it again and again

– You’re freaking out,  Paul! – they said.

I say to him: Paul, I am not surprised at all. Really.


You can go mad for Him


Be in the eyes of other people a finite naive who believes in Heaven like a little child. To be the one who is not afraid of the NYSE crash or chemical trails. Because if He says:


     You will have tribulation in the world, but trust me, I have overcome the world!


And he says that in Him I will have peace, no matter what, I have no questions! And then he still pours this peace into my heart, what should I want more?

But! I … ..can want more, I am to want more because he talks about it too! That he has a grace for me, and that what the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard, and what he did not enter into the human heart, God has prepared for those who love him.

And to think that it is enough to prove yourself … an idiot? Joanna Śliż is already explaining to me what I did (she too!)


“And yet, nowadays, Jesus somehow fits more in the frames in which he has been fitted by my culture and the world around me. He does not offend anyone, he does not shock, he does not overturn the tables. He does not care much about anyone, he does not want to have contact with anyone. I guess you would have to be an idiot to embrace someone like that? Somewhere high up in the sky, he calmly observes our constantly rushing civilization. Is it the same Jesus who walked the earth more than 2,000 years ago? “(” Największe głupstwo w oczach świata” wyd. Vocatio)


Is He really like everyone says? Is it worth to know Him at all?


“When we accept the” foolishness “of the Gospel, He arranges a party for us in Heaven! No refreshments – a cookie and a coffee that is served to unannounced guests. The feast that the Father in Heaven has sent for me is still going on. Music and dances have never died down. If we turn our hearts to God, we become for him the joy that he has for us all the time – no matter what the circumstances. ” – this is not the end of the man-who-crazy-for-Yeshua quotes.


I happen to contact the author of the book, who has been living in the USA for years. I was curious about something and it happened that Ms. Joanna met my curiosity. I’m sharing!

Ms. Joanna, what are your observations regarding believing in Jesus and believing Jesus in the USA and in Poland. How would you compare it?


‘In Poland, most people are raised in the families of believers: we believe that Jesus Christ is God, that he is alive – only that somewhere far away in the sky and that it ends there. Many people believe in this way throughout their lives, although more and more often in Poland there is a greater hunger for a deeper knowledge and experience of God – not only from holidays, but every day. People are increasingly looking, asking, are more open.

In the United States, Christians are mainly Protestants, although here also often belonging to a church or a denomination does not necessarily mean that someone is truly a sincere believer or a convert. Often Americans’ faith comes down to saying a formula or one-time prayer, and later “Heaven can wait!”

In my opinion – whether in Poland or in the United States – to believe means that I consciously abandon “faith”, which is limited only to the belief that Jesus is some-there-myself-god and I start to seriously believe not only in that he is indeed the Savior, but that I desperately need  his Savior. What’s more, I need Him not only after death, but every day – in all my struggles, problems and decisions. And faith in Him means that I agree with what He thinks and decide to live by His standards. Some call “the fruit of conversion.” And if we take the Gospel seriously, then these fruits will be similar, regardless of the geographical location. It is through fruits that we know who is really a believer – be it in Poland, in the States or anywhere else in the world. Such people – despite cultural or denominational differences – will live according to the most important commandment: You will love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself. (Luke 10:27)’


Maybe you are now at the crossroads – something in you would like a different reality, a total change for the better, but this second voice tells you: It will not work, do not be stupid, it’s a figment.


I want to say today: Be stupid. One more time! Strongly find out who is the one for whom billions of people have gone mad over the centuries (John 12:19), and still others are stupid – taking the grace of grace (gift after gift) writing these words in freedom, joy, peace. Maybe soon you will write your testimony?

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Bless you all!



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