Film of the week: Forbidden desires – a tempting alternative

Judith and Brice; young but in a long-term relationship and so charming that it’s nice. You think: they were created for themselves, let this idyll last! But if it lasted, there would be no movie: -) Something must have happened and of course the guy collapsed – but so much between the lines; he forgot about the birthday of his beloved wife, he –the villain!- did not notice her new haircut. And all this in turn contributed to the fact that when his beautiful spouse began to be ‘harassed’ with presents and precious time (very valuable for a millionaire) of some Harley, she did not remain immune to all those cash-heavy gifts (and again the romance with $ in the background)

These “Forbidden Desires” exploded with  so powerful force  that there was no option – Judith dwelled  on their ruins.


From me


Well, I used the word “ruid” and it means that something was burning, but eventually it burned. If you think that they got to sleep with each other, and then just get bored with each other, Judith returned to her husband begging her forgiveness on her knees, then you got stuck in the stereotype: -) And that means that it’s worth watching this movie, because it does not end like this, as you’d expect. Surprising.

Tyler Perry, director and screenwriter of ” Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor “ is a specialist in films with a moral that may seem embarrassingly simple (eg “Why did I get married?”) but in which the characters’ decisions hurt. It shows how infidelity affects a spouse, a shared relationship, and even the whole family. And from which de facto it can also protect …. simple decision.


I recommend it very much: ” Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor “

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