Tell me how to live!

Should a woman wear a head covering during a service? Can I practice yoga as a Christian? Can I marry an unbelieving man? Is Kanye West truly converted?


I meet these and many other questions on the Christian women’s group almost every day. Women in posts ask others what to do about – often crucial – matters in their lives!

In my opinion – from laziness.


Tell me how to live!


How is it that Christians want to be close to God, learn His intentions, and constantly use word of mouth?

Do you know what channeling is? In a nutshell – using the medium or being a medium to send or receive content from the spiritual world. A popular practice in the New Age movement – I would call it a counterfeit prophetic practice that is used by a surprising number of immature Christians; they are constantly looking for someone who will be their medium, a revelation from God, a prophet. Here’s how it happens:


Be my prophet and tell me how to live!


A few years ago I came across a video; it was a group of Catholic marriages and a priest who lectured on sex. One by one, the marriages breathed a sigh of relief when the priest told them that oral sex was not a sin. What if they came across a more conservative priest who would make them feel guilty?


Prophecies have not ceased, the gift of prophecy is still to be received, but not everything that “spiritual” people say is a message from God. Meanwhile, many people perceive it in this way; they naturally assume that the person they trust, who they believe is spiritual, speaks only spiritual words. In fact, many of these words, even if dictated with good intentions, are simply bodily.



Why it happens?


I understand the spiritual baby or beginner Christian who wants to KNOW. So or he goes from one brother or sister to another, to the clergy and asks about everything. But it is not good when it is based only on it and never confronts with …. God, naturally assuming that everything he listens is also God’s opinion on the matter.


It is quite common to select Bible truths; I do not like the opinion of Father Mark on a given topic, I will ask the priest, I will go to Jenny, because she is so spiritual, and finally I will listen to Joyce Meyer on YouTube and finally I will post a salutary comment: “Oh, thank you! You dispelled my doubts! It’s great to know that I don’t have to pray before eating Snickers! A stone from the heart! ”


Do you understand how the stone law came about? Man wanted clear signposts, specific tasks to do, and bans. Because it was not enough for him to be with God and ask Him directly about everything.


2 Corinthians 3, 7-11 and Galatians 3, 10-11. The man moved away from the source of holiness and truth, thus pushing himself to the performer of the dead law, instead of growing as a follower of the living God. And God gave him these rights – but then it was also bad, man began to think like a horse uphill, wanting to persuade God to his visions of the world (e.g. divorce law was given to the Israelites at their own request, although Jesus later corrected that it never was it is God’s plan – Mark  10: 2-6)


A Christian basing only on the “revelations” of other people and their opinions does not mature spiritually and does not meet his destiny, which is to know God through a personal, intimate relationship with Him. It will not be replaced by even the most spiritual man on earth or the wisest teaching.


Yes, God also responds to us through other people, in the end he also called teachers and spiritual guides, but this cannot be the only way to communicate and get to know God. The teacher is supposed to show you the way to God and not tell you how to live – I doubt that you would desire this.

If you enter into a love relationship, you also do not want to know this person only from the stories of others, even if they are with her/his every day – but  you want to be as close to her as possible and have your own experience and meet this person!


How to stop taking shortcuts?


Do not be afraid to have doubts, do not be afraid to be on the path of experiencing without visible effects, but instead of leaning on everything in the opinions of people who will let you down sooner or later, study the Word of God written in the Bible; if you invite the Holy Spirit to this, you will get to know God, His character and you will not let yourself be told untruth.


… Similarly, what is divine is known to no one but God’s Spirit. (1 Cor. 2:19)


Yes, such a way is annoying sometimes – especially when you are at the beginning and wait a long time for an answer – or you do not know how to read it; I had it too! but it has an advantage that other ways don’t have: it’s real. And you begin to know God’s voice (John 10, 1-5). You also become more mature, more mature spiritually, you start to have a solid foundation and finally you fit the statement:


  And when He comes, the Spirit of truth, he will lead you to all truth. (Jan 16:13)


I listen to different teachings, read different books and admit that I used to treat many of them as an oracle – now I would go crazy if I was to rely only on this, because even if these people often write in the assistance of the Holy Spirit, their experiences of God are different, different there are also their stages of spiritual life and if I read “The Spirit of God instructed me to get up every day at 4 and pray for an hour” does not mean that God has exactly the same intention for You, does not mean that you have just read, read the revelation for yourself, in addition, identical to a million other readers!


Strive to make your Holy Spirit and the Bible your only guides; listen to the teachings, talk to people, read if you want – but rather I encourage you to make them constructive, not moralizing things. When you hear a particular issue that you have heard you are worried about, present it to God – He will give you proper knowledge.

I believe that every Christian wants to be treated by God exceptionally, individually – not like another customer at the checkout in the store; therefore he should know Him personally to see Him through His eyes.


And how do you follow this spiritual path? Where do you get knowledge about how to live? Share in the comment.


Bless you!


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