V.I.P who will open each of your doors.

Sometimes it’s called inspiration, impersonal power, sometimes compared to Santa Claus and even to  the grandfather of God himself. Meanwhile, no one else but only He reveals to us the Father (God). Only He makes the „wow” effect in the face of God. Even if it is presented as a dove or light blow, it puts a believer’s  life into a real tornado.

Without Him you will not know God, you will not love, you will not understand Him even partially. Without Him there is nothing. And at the same time there is everything with Him. Here is your V.I.P on a spiritual journey: Holy Spirit.

This is a very basic statement that without Him there is nothing. But in the case of the Holy Spirit you just cannot be other than uncompromising; It is He who causes man to start looking at God in his life, you can also blaspheme against Him. With very definitive effect. It is He who can make your neighbors totally surprised by your change. Yes, it’s his job. It’s HE.

What do I need Holy Spirit for?


Man consists of body, spirit and soul – and someday I’ll develop this topic. The only thing I want you to focus on today is your spirit.
You have been created for life on Earth, with both of your feet on the ground, eat real and tangible things to keep your body in a good condition, and your whole body has been  really marvellously created. But from the level of body and soul, communication with God is impossible – for He is the Spirit. And to communicate with Him can be in a spiritual, not intellectual way.

God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship Him in the Spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)

No one else but Holy Spirit only can lead a man into all truth and knowledge. (John 16:13) You also need Him to study the Bible – without Him Bible study will be only an intellectual attempt at understanding the text. Holy Spirit  animates the word.
When I listen to his testimony, I smile – because I know a lot of similar stories, including mine own;  when you got up from your knees one day and nothing is the same like before :- )


Born of the Spirit


Have you ever heard a statement: to be born again or to be born of the Spirit? You read about it in the Bible, for example, in John 3: 1-12, where Jesus talks with Nicodemus, whom Jesus explains in a very straight way what’s going on with that, concluding with words that if someone is not born of the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God – that is, unless you are born of the Spirit, you will not be involved in spiritual matters, in God’s affairs. You will not know what God is all about and who you are in Jesus. These are the most important truths in your spiritual life, so it is important to be born of the Spirit. Sounds enigmatic, but this is slightly below – to apply.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit (John 3:6)


You are a sinner, but …. Do not worry about it!


The Holy Spirit  can tell you the truth about you, and give you a total crush of being a sinner – when He touches you, suddenly you see your life like a movie, all its dark corners, which you did not even realize. Thanks to the Holy Spirit  suddenly you  start to repent; You just start to realize your sins and hate sin in your life. You want to change as much as  a thirsty person wants water. It is not human conviction at all – it’s the Holy Spirit that gives you it. It is impossible to describe it in words – you must experience it: -)

But at the same time, Holy Spirit does not leave you to tap into your wasteland; He is the heart of God; Strongly beating for you, loving above all unmeasurable measure! At this stage, He can make you free from any shackles, from each of your personal prisons. Because both redemption and fullness of grace are in Jesus, the Bible gives you an understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for you. However  He does not give you that understanding at the level of human logic, but reaches deep into your heart. He shows you the truth very personally: about you and Jesus. And then suddenly disappears  Jesus from paintings, movies, books: there are just you and Jesus.


What does the Holy Spirit gives me ?


All. End and dot, I can finish now: -)

The fruits of the Spirit are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, fidelity, gentleness, temperance. Against this there is no law = right (!!) (Galatians 5: 22-23)

And that means that if someone is born again, he no longer lives under the law, but under grace!
When you are with God, the Holy Spirit will fill your space: -) It is the Holy Spirit that enables you to communicate with God on His level. Do not bring God down – just use the power of the Holy Spirit and you go up! The Holy Spirit  has an unbeatable wealth of gifts, beyond all means – and the rebirth of the Spirit is something of a basic package.


Holy Spirit and Christians


I will say briefly: Christians are people of rebirth from the Spirit, no a religious group. If you think otherwise, it means you are not yet born again – but that can be changed at any time.


What am I for the Holy Spirit?



You are a case: -) The Bible says we are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19)


Can I interact with the Holy Spirit?


Of course! Do not have a problem with him as a person. He’s not a supporting character standing behind a veil. Spend time with Him and communicate with Him.


Sin against the Holy Spirit


When we get to know the Word of God, we come upon the Black Volga (= a kind of bogeyman) of the spiritual world at some point – sin against the Holy Spirit; This is the only sin that will not be forgiven. If we give to Jesus that such worms, that He is a fool and non-savior; it will be forgiven. But the sin against the Holy Spirit  will not be forgiven. What is He?

I really needed the word of the Holy Spirit for this – because blasphemy against the Bible does not need to be spoken at all. Only in the attitude.

When I was a child and in church I heard about this one sin only, which God will not forgive me, I was cruelly troubled; Every now and then I wondered if I had crossed that thin red line or not. Years later the Holy Spirit responded to my request to bring me closer to what I would like to share with you today, if you are disturbed by the same anxiety: -)

As long as you are wondering whether you have finally grieved God so much that he will not forgive you – you have not been against God. I do not urge you to worry about this constantly! However, if there is even a shadow of fear of being away from the presence of God, you’re  completely safe: sin against the Holy Spirit is the rejection of grace, the salvation of grace.


How to accept the Holy Spirit in your life?


Anyone who reads this text can receive the Holy Spirit and experience transformation, wonderful things in relation with God, growth, cognition = finally have access to the Kingdom of your Dad!
Read first Luke 11,10-13 to make sure that it is to YOU and about you: -)
The only thing you need is the desire of the gift of so-called the new birth.
Praying, you can use similar words:
Holy Spirit, I want to experience your power in my life; I believe that only you give a proper knowledge of God and as Jesus said: Only through you I can enter the Kingdom of God. I want a new birth – in you. Come and live in me. Amen.


And what next?


Newborn is so individual that I have no daring to write about it. I have listened and observed many newborn Christians in my life, including myself, and the only thing I can say is  the fruits of the Holy Spirit are manifested differently, at different times – but you do not mistake them for anything else. It’s not the emotion that passes – it’s the changed truth about the world that is not born in your mind – it’s something that actually overtakes it. This is cognition from the depths of the spirit. And it is like falling in love – just cannot describe it, you have to experience it, and if it does, you will not mistake it with anything else and you don’t need to ask anyone „Is that it?”
It may be that you will pray for rebirth from the Spirit and nothing will happen at once. Calmly. Whenever it happens, neither you nor anyone else will be able to ignore it: -)

Bless you all!