God’s will – in other words what God WANTS

After 2000 Warren Jeffs was one of the most wanted man in the United States, right after Bin Laden. Following his father, the self-proclaimed Mormon prophet, Rulon Jeffs, he committed multiple polygamy, taking over  from his father with 75 wives. His successor was Merril Jessop, who had only eight wives and about 60 children. The wife who decided to run was Carolyn Jessop; earlier married to a much older Merril Jessop, she gave birth to 8 children, being beaten and humiliated by her husband every day. In an interview she says, „I believed it was God’s will.


His will or your will?

When I read the whole story of Carolyn and other women, the first thing that came to my mind was how much disappointment they could have been….with God. For what kind of G / god  would you have to be, in order to condemn people to such suffering? For rape, humiliation, physical and psychological violence, imprisonment, incapacitation?
Nowadays many people are asking the same question about God, facing the difficulties and misfortunes that come with them. They quietly blame him for everything that is bad. There are also their perpetrators – acting with the ‚will of the god’ – just to ask: what god?
That is why it is so important for you to know what God’s will is for man – then you can run to Him and not from Him.

Before we begin to talk about an individual will for your life and its many aspects, it is necessary to determine what is the will of God for you – as the person he created in his own image. And WILL  means what God wants. This is unchanging, that is, you can be sure of it and  not hesitate – because it is a reflection of the God – Yahweh.


God wants to

God wants to be in your life first.
God wants you to always forgive everyone
God wants you not to judge others.
God wants you to always be guided by the love He awakens in You.
God wants to give you freedom.
God wants to cooperate with you in every field of your life, he wants to bless you.
God wants you to make all your choices in freedom  of your heart.
God wants you to give Him every problem.
God wants to give you spiritual growth.
God wants to have a personal, intimate relationship with you.
God wants you to seek Him – because he wants to be found by you so you become a new You, who will do all of the above and desires and has the ability to do it.


God DOESN’T want to

God does not want you to hold grudges.
God does not want you to be a religious person because he created you for a relationship, not a religion.
God does not want you to get sick.
God does not want you to suffer.
God does not want you to be guided by fear.
God does not want you to take vengeance.
God does not want you to restrict Him.
It works in a fairly simple way – if you hesitate, or maybe feel God’s wish is for you to have an affair with Stan’s wife (or Kate’s husband), do not bother: it certainly is not the will of God. Otherwise: God’s will is not for you to cheat or exploit.
If your situation is complex, there is nothing else but to know God’s statement on this subject that you will discover only in one way: personal encounter = relationship with Him.


Should I marry Tony or Frank?

I know you could not wait for this part: -) When I started writing this post out came a few pages  and  a lot of personal experience – and I thought then that you couldn’t  really base your knowledge on God on them, avoiding …. relationship with him. Therefore, I will summarize: -)
The only thing you should know is:

– God’s will for your working life is variable; The fact that you are now working in business does not mean that in 2 years God will not send you on a mission to Uganda or make you a personal trainer. With your current skills in this regard, they do not matter any more – walk with God, do not try to deduce what is possible, what is not because He is a specialist of impossible and positive surprises: -)

– God’s will about your personal life is not variable; It means that if you already given yourself to another personto spend time with them, that is the case …. of life and death: -) assuming your love relationship called marriage is to last until the death of one of you.

– BEFORE you find out what God wants you to do, you have to find out who He is. What is it? I will tell you how in the unimaginable (literal) way He loves you, and that everything that is for you has the same foundation: love. God is never guilty of being angry with you, does not insult, does not want to enslave you – He is invariable, andconstantly loves.

– God’s will on your life is limited by…  your will. BEFORE you ask God for His will, decide in your heart that you want to follow it whatever it is.


What if I do not obey God and do my own way?

Nothing. You will not be a participant in any armageddon, God will not erase your name from the book of life, you will not experience the swarm of locusts, nor the flood. You simply will not receive blessings on the topic you have taken for yourself and may affect you as a result of your actions – but it will not have anything to do with the wrath of God. Have I already mentioned that God is not angry with anyone since he had fired his anger on one Man?


If you do it in your own way, it does not mean that God will leave you – nothing like this! If at some stage you want to give him all matters (for example, you see that your combinating did not produce good results) then He will take care of it – but he will have to do something like Krzysiu Hołowczyc while he is in your navigation, showing you the way and you You choose another – ‚recalculate route’. Count on additional obstacles  and roadblocks along the way.


Bad reading of God’s will

Carolyn Jessop accepted the words of another man who told her what God’s will was for her life – that is why she suffered for nearly 20 years.

I knew of a marriage of Christians who had divorced after a few years; So long they had waited, they had prayed for each other so much before they had met! And finally divorced. Many people around them began to question whether it had been God’s will.

God’s will is a wish, not a constraint. God will not do all the work for man; He will give you a partner, but with the words „Well, now the ball is in your court! In case you need me, I am here, I will help! „

The will of God at any moment may lose with the will of man, his unbelief, and above all, his ego.
God’s favor is, for example, peace in the world – why is it different? The same is with
  every single matter. If you do not know how to carry on doing God’s will (for example, you have just joined the person of His will) come to him and ask for support. If something is God’s will, He really cares: -)

The wrong reading of the will of God or the attribution of its decisions to the will of God leads to something else – disappointment, and thus bitter mockery of the character of God.
Example: I have a friend who used to be a believer and decided to marry a woman he had looked for. He liked her immensely, so he decided that such was the will of God. As he said, he did. After a month of marriage she started to betray him. They split in hatred and fought over their baby. And he? He stopped believing because he thought God allowed it. For 2 hours I explained to him that God hadn’t been  admitted into his marriage plans at all, so he had little to talk about in this matter!

Why should you know the will of God?

It’s good to know God’s will to not  fall into the trap of human’s will. Man is such kind of creature that if you give him power and fertile ground, he will perform miracles – human and selfish.
If you recognize the will of God, you also know who you are in God. It is not easy to put you up to do foolish things.
If you recognize the will of God and decide to follow it, you are free of doubt.
Example: I know that my relationship is from God so I have no doubt. When my husband repeatedly leaves the proverbial tube of toothpaste unscrewed, I do not panic. „And if it is not? And what if it was not the will of God? ” I have peace in my heart because I know that God has done something that was and is good – maybe that is why we want to go through various irritating situations without hesitation. We got ourselves from God – and our business is what we do with this gift.


On how to read the will of God and to be sure it is – another time. How much can you write ?! Do you have any personal experiences, thoughts on this? Share in the comment.

If your will is to know the will of God, then go with it to Him in personal prayer. You can use similar words:
God, I know that you are good and your intentions towards me are always good – I want to do your will in my life, I want to know it. Release me to this, teach me how to recognize it and do your will. Amen.

Bless you all!