How to bring heaven to earth.

Recently another person, non-Pole, told me he was surprised. He was surprised to us, Poles that we continually diminish our country, that we constantly complain that we constantly want more and more … that we do not appreciate what we have.

I agree with this opinion pronounced by so many people who stood as if from the side. Personally I am grateful. I have everything I need and note: I also have most of the things I want, and this is luxury!
I suspect that you, reading this text you are in a similar situation: you have a roof over your head, a full refrigerator, clothes without patched holes repeatedly. I even suspect that you have not only the necessary cosmetics, but you are in this luxurious situation that you can choose your favorite fragrance of perfume that is compatible with your personality (musk, citrus, or perhaps floral note?). And so yesterday with our family we nodded to these facts: we have everything. It does not make sense to find a reason to complain because it does not make us better or wiser people.

‘Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.’ –Doris Day

Lots of people in our country live in mental poverty. They have absolutely everything they need for daily living in prosperity and peace. When this happens (meet the basic needs, no war in the country) you can sit comfortably and calmly start to invent needs … and they will never be satisfied. Because there is no finish in this race. In addition, there is something new that constantly blurts out our purpose (like a new car model) and causes the race to prolong. We seem to run alone. But to run we are cheered on by the images of those who already have it, who are this one, who are … ahead of us. We want to always be better, higher, stronger, because we only understand success. If someone is behind us. Yes, we feel that we mean something in this world. We can compare endlessly, endlessly … well … without end … and it will not change. We will always live half-heartedly, constantly waiting for the better. For this so-called… life. And it plays out when an insatiable person deals with other things.

I can understand where this is coming from. Are you satisfied? It means that you do not strive for anything more that you rested on the laurels. That you are not so in the spirit of this American capitalist. You are a dumb person, because you do not know what the world is up to!

‘Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude.’ — Wallace Wattles

In the meantime, you can also think creatively in this whole affluence. You may wonder, for example, what the world has of us? What do we go to? What will we mark our unique and given only once and for a definite time, place on earth? It’s not about the whole globe, but about the space in which we move on a daily basis.
What and how to do to be an added value? Worth thinking.

‘Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.’ — Denis Waitley


Many Poles are constantly comparing. And it kills in us joy and happiness. This is already happening at the family level, friends, which is perfectly visible during holidays and other celebrations. ‘Pawn but splurge’ – for whom, why and how much to be admired? Just take 500 zloty for a holiday or 4 thousand PLN will not be enough? Is not it pathetic to go to the Bieszczady Mountains when our friends go to Egypt? And is not it pathetic to choose Egypt when it is trending to the Dominican Republic?
We constantly want to live a life like Germany or other Western European countries (but thinking like Poles and leading Polish lifestyle). We constantly look at their cars, houses, how much they can buy for $ 100, and what we can buy for us. And again, money sets us our place in the world. And the Frenchman, the German, the American, and they say „I’m surprised”.
The famine of mental poverty will never be satisfied by anything. This disease can only be removed from the root so that it does not occupy the entire body.

‘Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.’ — The Hausa of Nigeria

Only peace can save us: -) Do you know it? Look, on so many blogs, write about Enjoying little things – with time the password has become a kind of phrase. However, wise people really took it to their hearts.  Because there is space for this kind of things. You can leave them to play at your ego level that constantly wants more and more things,  experiences, pocketing for itself. You can also transfer the whole issue with success, happiness and self-realization to the spirit level. There you will find out the truth about yourself and you will be able to change the pursuit of a walk – the paths (because who said there must be only one!) In the valleys, in the mountains, in all the landscapes where you will see and live more than you imagined, … designed just for you. Nobody else will see you there, who would want to compare you . You will have holy peace and a head full of great ideas. Only let Gratitude lead you.

‘If the only prayer you say in your life is thank you, that would suffice.’ — Meister Eckhart

We are, as Poles, rich. Let’s appreciate it; It’s not only is a kind of passive wealth („it is not worse”), but we are in this wonderful situation that we can create, give from one another to others, we can change reality. But you have to start with gratitude. It will design motives, the way of working, it builds. It must anchor in the heart of anyone who wants to be a free man.

‘Gratitude releases happiness – not the opposite’ – Iwona DS.
‘God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?’ — William A. Ward

Let’s appreciate what we have and be grateful for each of these things. Many people struggle, losing their lives and health about what we have every day. It isn’t a desire  to match up with other people changes the world, but it is gratitude that broadens the horizons, awakens the imagination, opens the door to opportunity. You do not know how and to whom to be grateful? The above quotation may be the answer: -)
Move to the direction you haven’t been yet. Get along, without  stress, with a smile to your soul: -) Listen to the music, take a few minutes and let yourself be grateful. You will discover new things, you will have even more and full!