God and many question marks

I used to know everything. And then I have abandoned religious life.

In a sense; I went to a close relationship with God and my knowledge began to blur. And I will not say it was not depressing.

People do not like not to know. As they do not know, they will create their own image or begin to live in their own reality. This is largely a matter of spiritual reality – not everyone accepts it, considers it true or valuable, because, according to many, it does not give what is in the world from the dawn of history is the most valuable thing – information.  As you know, and who does not know it yet will find out, the information is valuable. Who does not believe, let’s go to the Internet to see how many companies are formed, regulations, changes in the law concerning the protection of information about us!

Contemporary man has everything his senses desire; Pictures, sounds, flavors, knowledge acquired in the chosen way.
But if you want to get in touch with God and live in his world, you have to accept one of his principles; you will not know everything. Well then: you can bite the walls, read all the available versions of the Bible, compare, study, talk with different people, and you will not know anyway. But I have good information:
You will be on the way of learning! :- )
It’s not like God always wants to hide something in front of you. Just some things you will not understand today. But God can reveal it to you tomorrow. Or never – surely it will keep you up to date what you need.

With children is similar. And I think that God did not lead the whole creation by accident ; so that man knew very little, and over time more and more: -) In the symbol of growing up man is actually the symbol of spiritual maturity (Hebrews 5: 12-14). Let’s take the kids for example. Sex theme Sex is not bad, but we talk about it differently with 4-year-olds, differently with 14-year-olds, and yet different with 24-year-olds. We are based on the current maturity and this man’s cognisance.
If we love the man we talk to and we want his/her growth, learning  and feel safe, then we will not talk about sex with  the 4-year-olds about sex  gadgets and 14-year-olds about  tantric sex or swingers.
God does likewise – He reveals to us at a given moment the things we need for growth basing on our perception. And he takes everything into consideration; our sensitivity, age, past experiences, passions, fears – uses these factors to teach us. To build our trust in Him and intimate relationship with Him. Because being in God is not about how much we know today, but whether we know that He loves us. And that he wants our good over everything.

You do not need to know everything. My friend recently told me this sentence:

What you know about God works to your disadvantage more than what you do not know.

After years of desire to gain knowledge about everything that concerns God, I am FOR. The point is that God cannot be locked in any drawer. You can do this, but then there will be no relationship, but religion; so we move from – to within the limits set by ourselves, or by someone else.
There is another, quite serious danger resulting from the desire for omniscience; The relationship with God can be replaced with knowledge. That is, you will so much want to know about Him all that …
Imagine a dating situation. Guy, woman; The woman wants to know everything about him: How much he earns, what color of ties he wears and whether he wears them, how he has the middle name, which hand he writes about when he eats breakfast, or if he has even broken his leg, what is the sound of his alarm clock, what he used to play with in his childhood (…)
She skips the most important knowledge: WHAT he is like, what he likes!  What delighted him, frightened him, what are his priorities, values, dreams – I guarantee you that if you ask such questions God, He is happy to answer you!  Because He really wants people to know His nature, His dreams about You, His priorities. God wants to reveal Himself to you. His love for you. He wants to start building an intimate bond with you.

Besides, God gives you the freedom of incomplete knowledge – yes, it’s my neologism: -) In a word: he does not want to overwhelm you with knowledge about what you will not understand anyway: on what he is actually sitting and if he is sitting right now, what does heaven look like? If he can create a stone that he will not be able to raise himself, if there is a tunnel with the light at the end …. :- )

The relationship attracts revelation, and the Kingdom of God is revealed in the presence.
Freedom, love, peace – you do not even have to understand, try to tag these concepts – you just have to surrender.

The desire to know everything about God really works like a powerful magnet; It will constantly bring us to the ground, which – in my opinion – reality is less real than the spiritual one.

God always responds. To faith. This is the first condition. This is a magnetic card that opens the door to His kingdom. He will not answer if a man wants to control everything. You do not have to understand everything. And it will be your spiritual maturity – accept what you do not understand with your heart. But rely ONLY ON God.  If you entrust your fate to man, he will tell you how to live. It will happen so  if you believe your emotions and imaginations – but that will not be the truth about Him. If you want to build your faith and move in the kingdom of God, understanding will not help you. But it will be on the contrary: you will understand much if you believe.

The Bible speaks of God. Much. But the Holy Spirit gives you knowledge. It’s more than knowledge – it affects spiritual life, it is beyond your past experience, to which you could compare the truth. It releases and gives you total assurance.
There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.(Luke 12:2) – This is about man and his intentions and deeds, but reflects the situation with God: clear, pure, releasing the truth.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. (Proverbs 25:2)

So what: you want to be more or you want to know more? – If this is the first, talk to God today. You can use words:
God, I want to know what you are, what you like, what dreams  you have about me. Reveal me yourself,  I want to know you and experience you  in my life. Amen.