Are you a tourist or a traveler?

Have you noticed that life has its symbolism at travelling? And like the trip, it has its participants; Tourists and travelers. Their attitude to „travel” makes a difference; Not only for themselves. It influences to a large extent the creation of the world.

I recently watched a short document on the so-called Poles zone abroad; It turns out that there are Poles who do not want to leave Poland even during their holidays, so in Greece, in Kokkino Nero they have Greek water, Greek weather and Polish music, food, movies and company. They just do not go beyond what they know. Is that good? Decide for yourself.


Tourists like to have a plan – allow others to do it for them; Since they know better what to see. Tourists are not explorers, but receivers of someone’s trail; On the way they will see only what someone else has discovered. Tourists like imitation, convenience, sense of security, assurance, all inclusive. They do not care about their foreign language as a way of communicating – they avoid such situations by moving around in a planned way. Sometimes they expect the world they went to speak in their language. They do not explore places, they only count them; Always in a safe and predictable way. Their holiday pictures are posed. They are reluctant to open up to otherness – they always compare it to what they know. If something does not go according to plan, they blame others whom they gave their tour plan. Tourists talk about what they saw.


For them, the journey begins when they get into a vehicle – before reaching the destination. From the very beginning travelers are assuming discomfort, changing conditions, uncertainty; In a word, expect unexpected. Travelers often learn the language of the country they go to; They want to exchange, give something from themselves. They understand that to understand others they must speak  their language.
Travelers open up to what they do not know and try new things. Travelers take the journey with all senses, and it is connected  with changes- they are ready to change their plans at any time They are not afraid of challenges, they often create them themselves, they seek their places. For them the journey is supposed to be an adventure and an adventure is connected with obstacles. Travelers talk about what they experienced.
Are you a tourist or a traveler?