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I want to explain myself at first: I do not really think that there is a special category called “Films with a message”. Each movie can have a message for us, it can make us open up in our head a drawer that we had no idea about. The films that I present to you here simply cry out to think about them and then say in a spirit, “God, do you want to tell me something?”: -)

“Chronicles of Narnia” =  spring is coming!

I have watched the film dozens of times and I feel a stir in three moments every time; when the whole creature intimidated by the White Witch awaits the coming of Aslan – and watching the melting snow, the inhabitants of the forest say to themselves eagerly “Aslan is coming!” – I love this moment! But everything is not right at once: I also feel great emotions in the death of Aslan the lion, but greater in his reviving. And I always remember that C.S. Lewis had a purpose in this story – to give the world a gospel: -)


the shack film“The Shack” – a letter from Dad

One day, in one of the American families, a tragedy occurs – kidnapping and murdering the youngest daughter. The father of the family, MacKenzie, can not deal with it, but soon finds out that God does not want him to be alone with his suffering – sends him an invitation to a meeting during which he answers all Mackenzie’s questions. Jesus and the Holy Spirit accompany him.

The film is beautiful. What can I say. It also lacks naivety, goes deeper than many films> with the Christian message <which I have seen so far. It is full of deliberate symbolism and tailored to the entire personality of Mackenzie – the author shows us that God treats each of us very carefully and individually. Reading the comments, I came across some that accuse the producers of presenting God as a woman – and how did He get to the heart of Mackenzie, mistreated by his own father? – my husband remarked.


“The Encounter” – if Jesus was a bartender

Low-budget, but nice production: -) Imagine one of those American bars in a trailer standing somewhere in a remote area and an extremely rainy night, during which the fate of several people intertwine. They all land in this bar, run by …. Jesus Christ, offering fries, burgers to everyone  and …. The water of life as well : -) Each person makes specific choices.

“God’s not dead 2” – prove me that God does not exist

I prefer to stand on the side of God that the world would judge me, rather than stand on the side of the world, that God would judge me
says teacher Grace Wesley, accused by the school, for quoting Jesus’ words in class. A lawsuit begins, during which arguments are brought. One of the most interesting characters appearing in court is J. Warner Wallace – playing himself; He’s an American homicide detective and a Christian apologist.
It’s worth taking a look at his website.

“The passion of the Christ” – from passion to man

Although probably everyone saw this movie; voluntarily or as a result of a school trip with a priest, it is worth returning to him to look more carefully; the huge plus is that Jesus … does not speak English! Beautiful music and photos, as well as significant symbolism (eg, Bad).

When the film entered theaters years ago, my very believing friend said with indignation that she left the cinema during the screening, because the film is too brutal. It is a fact, but according to many descriptions, the film is not even half as brutal as that reality.


Do you have your favourite films with a deeper message?

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