Kuba – a car from God

Our friend Kuba needed a new car. The one he bought for a pittance barely worked and was no longer good for longer trips. Kuba began making plans for a new vehicle – that is, NEW; for more than PLN 1,300* maybe even for the whole 2,000!
We handed the matter over to the home church. I even joked that who knows, maybe God will give him a completely NEW car ?!
A week later Kuba took us on a ride – a completely NEW car!
God used Kuba’s mother; it turned out that she had had a surprise for him for 3oth birthday! A broken Citroen thwarted her plans a bit, Cuba got a new car two months earlier! Ours: God worked really fast! : -)

1300 zloty = 380 USD or 308 EUR

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