I was born into a christian orthodox family…..although the title is also christian, I later discovered that I actually wasn’t christian at all, I was just having that status and pretending to e
Christian means follower of Christ…..you have to do and live by the Bible, which is the word of God……I was a good person, doing good deeds, helping people, going to church, but I was also open minded, very accepting and not keen on the idea that I have to live my life for someone else (which is God)…..because that feels like being a slave
in 2017 at the beginning of the year, my brother found out about the truth (that is how we call it)……it’s kind of like, you receive a revelation into your heart, mind, spirit…….it can be different for everyone, but when it happens, you know it happened for sure.

My brother has come to know the truth of christianity from one of his coworkers……..my brother was an atheist/agnostic……so when I heard he became a christian I couldn’t believe it……since 2013, when I met a group of christian protestants in USA, in the summer, I started actively asking questions about existence and religion: why do we exist? which is the true religion and God? why muslim and not christian? why buddhist or not hindu? which is the truth of this world and in whom should we trust?
I tried to read a bit about buddhism, then for a while I practiced the law of attraction (if you’ve ever heard about it)
and I constantly prayed to God to give me a revelation to see the truth……I was really curious what those protestant people I met in the summer saw and I couldn’t see (not with the physical eyes, but with bthe spiritual eyes)…..because those people are so kind, with everyone, and they received me warm heartedly into their group, wanted to show me about Jesus and make me understand…..and I did meet with them, but I didn’t understand their way of doing things and where does all the happiness and faith come from……I sometimes made fun of them, like everyone did.

So then, fast forward, in 2017, august, I had a talk with my brother, asking him what did he see and how did he come to understand the truth of our existence that so many don’t know about……and he asked me: why is it so hard for you to give in to God and to His word?
and I told him: because God can be cruel sometimes……God denies homosexuality……..I cannot accept that kind of God, that doesn’t permit love between anyone, no matter the gender
second thing, because I don’t want to live being God’s slave and doing what He says we should be doing…..it feels too constraining etc
I cannot accept so many things…..then my brother says: so you answered your question, you just have to accept them
and at that moment, I understood…….and it felt like a veil was lifted from my eyes and I could see……no matter how hard to accept and how different from what we are used to is God’s word, that is the law which helps you get to Heaven and gain eternal life…..so you have to accept it even if you don’t like it at the beginning
so it was like suddenly I understood: this is good, this is bad, I have to do this, I shouldn’t do that……it was all so clear……you know, it is very hard to define an etiquette, a moral code for everyone…..because culturally we are so different, but even between families for example, one parent says doing this is wrong, other parent says doing it is right…….so we don’t always know what is good, what is bad, what is sin or not
but the Bible……I learned that is the truth…..and a lot of the morale code that we know today comes from there……it’s just called morale code, but it actually comes from God’s and His only son’s wisdom
so yeah, that is my journey, I hope you liked my story

Today I am living as a full time christian…..unfortunately, my brother is not living as a christian, I guess it’s too hard for him, the burden of letting go of the earthly pleasures 😛
my family is supposedly “christian” but they just act and have that status….they are not actually practicing the christian life style……kind of like you know the theory but you don’t put it into practice…….so I am the only christian in my family, and also, I have no christian friends around me……I seldom go to church, because I work on sundays most of the time, but when I do get to go, I feel like home, so relieved…….so I get very lonely because I have no one close to me to share my faith with…….but then again, I developed my personal relationship with God…….I know He is always there for me……it’s still kind of one sided, because I still can’t hear Him when he answers my prayers…..But, even though I don’t see or hear, I have 100% faith that he lives through me and everyone


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