In her heaven Jesus Christ is always and everywhere, and most often He is a guest on her large wooden porch with a hanging swing …. on which they rest after a day’s horseback riding or on a motorcycle. All the animals in the world like her most green garden without a fence, but with lots of mango and fig trees. Reggae music resounds from all over, and Paul Wilbur and Kamil Bednarek lead worship. In heaven according to Iwona, there is only spring and one time of the “day”: sunrise. The everyday feasts with Jesus are dominated by Silesian and Italian cuisine, from which no one is fat. Iwona’s husband provides pizza.




In heaven she will live with all her family in a wooden, two-story house with two terraces on both sides of the house. One of them will be the view of the sea and the other for the mountains. She will walk along the seashore with the Father for long walks, and with Jesus for mountain treks. God’s glory will be felt always and everywhere. The most beautiful worship performed by the angelic choir will be heard. Every day there will be lavish dinners with a buffet meal, where the guests of honor will be the Father and Jesus. Only joy and love will reign. There will not be small gardens near the houses, but everywhere in heaven will be green, with beautiful flowers, trees, fruits. And animals – all friendly.




Heaven … a place where I can find answers to all the questions even those I have not asked yet and probably I will not ask. A place where there is a perfect harmony between everything and everyone, and besides, there is an unlimited space, pure, undisturbed nature in which the omnipresent love of God is perceptible.
Heaven is everywhere and in all, sometimes you only need to look more carefully.