Our goal

Maybe first a brief history of the purpose of this blog!
This Polish name Miejsce Akcji means  place of action, so the place where something happens!
I founded this blog (Iwona) in 2014. It had the following assumption to promote excerpts from my never-published book (title “Year 2018”: -)) but well, it did not work. The same was with photography on the blog and the language blog. In the end, I lost my heart to this site, whose name God had told me – when I asked Him for it: -)

This year I wanted this space to come alive so that REALLY would be a reflection of some action so … life indeed! But I had COMPLETELY no idea what it could be? I decided not to make up anything, to reject any idea at all. I completely gave up the matter to God, I prayed fasting and …. What was my surprise when after a few days I received an answer: The place of action is to be a blog that focuses entirely on love and praise. Only this!

Therefore, welcome to the free zone of theology, hate, but full of God’s glory! Be with us, be part of it! No matter at what stage you are now – join in to warm up and pass on the fire of love; let it change the reality around us!


– love more and more, crossing the next boundaries of love, destroying all walls,

– to create with you a living, strong community that will support and raise,

– to pray with you, organize international worshipping both online and offline

– that everyone can express themselves for God here,

– to worship the One  always and forever,

change the greenhouse effect in the entire space with  the atmosphere of our hearts!