Is anyone among you sick? #6

Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.

– Matthew 5,4



Nothing lasts forever except eternal life. Neither sadness, nor illness, nor material things. The Bible says that only love and the joy resulting from it last forever and only this has true meaning, gives life meaning here and now, and only this will we take to the Father’s House.


Look for comfort in His arms – you are happy, happy because now you know where to look! And so many people in the world don’t know yet, they are groping for a way to overcome sadness and hopelessness. You hold good news in your hand: there is a chamber of comfort for you, yes! Joy! Enter it!


Years ago, I was lying on the couch and staring blankly at the ceiling. I was depressed and everything around me, even the sunny yellow walls, looked black to me. In addition, they seemed to be narrowing. I didn’t have the strength to cry out to God, but every now and then I tried to scream from within, asking: God, will this ever end?


– Yes – I heard – You will still bring joy and comfort to people.


With the last of my strength I burst out laughing. Bright! I! I didn’t even have the strength to get dressed in everyday clothes, and I hear about joy!


I knew what joy was, oh I knew it! I experienced it before, it was mine. It’s not something that can be gained by telling people jokes, you first have to have it deep inside yourself (like deep muscles!) because only then is it authentic.


I only saw my situation, which was bad. God knew the future. He knew that I would cling to Him again and look for strength in Him, and He would fill me with it.


You do the same. I’m telling you, there is life beyond sadness!



– Lord, replace my sadness with Your joy, comfort me deeply!


For the body: Do something new that you have never done before. Scientific research has proven that our brain hates routine and loves new stimuli! When two groups of people were asked to do something nice (group 1) or new (group 2), the second group had much more fun. Do something new today – maybe try a completely new dish, spice or learn a few words in a foreign language? Read an excerpt from a book. Just let life surprise you! Want to share something? Don’t hesitate to comment below the text or on FACEBOOK.




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  1. great article, very inspirational 🙂

    1. I really hope, dekuju! :)))

  2. I am waiting for you here 🙂

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