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Are we preaching an ANTI gospel?

Recently, I received a letter from a friend, which stated that the most important message for mankind is the preaching of the approaching armaggedon (death, blood, destruction) – to my surprise, she gave a passage from the Holy Bible, specifically from the Gospel of Matthew 24, 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be …


People out of this world.

Do not collect likes, do not open new deposits, do not worry about the climate change or what will be fashionable in the fall – all this will pass. Is it possible to live in this world and not belong to it at the same time? If so, is it possible to enjoy life to …


Religions – learn more. I recommend you 2 books.

There are plenty of items in Christian books that are designed to build faith – these are usually testimonies or words of encouragement. But there are also books that convey historical facts. Such discoveries turned out to be for me two books of  Karen Armstrong – „History of God” and ” Fields of Blood: Religion …