Ala’s short testimonies

One night I could not sleep for a long time. It was shortly after my conversion to Jesus. I was worried about the visit to the doctor –it was to be the following  day. I could not sleep, I changed positions, I turned over from side to side. Suddenly I felt someone take my head in his(?) hands, and raises up gently. I knew something strange was going on, but I was not afraid of it. On the contrary, I felt a supernatural peace. Someone took my head in his hands, then up, and then put it back on the pillow. In my heart I felt  I should not worry because everything will be fine. And I fell asleep immediately.

One evening I wanted to turn on the computer, and at the desk I had a kitchen, a wooden stool. And I hit with my whole body   this stool, slamming my jaw with its  hard edge. Suddenly, before I knew what had happened, being still in shock, Someone, like an angel, lifted me and felt an urge to worship God and focus only on Him now. So I raised my hands, still in shock after this fall, and began to worship the Lord. I sang: 'Hallelujah! 'Hallelujah!’. And when I was done, I checked how I felt, if everything was in place (teeth, jaw) And it turned out that I was fine, just a small bruise the next day, but the whole jaw, head, teeth are fine, nothing it suffered, and it really was a strong hit.

Returning from the service, I felt so light and full of God. I had to go through a small park in the city center to get to the tram stop. Going in the direction of this park, I noticed that near the stairs, through which I have to go, there was standing  a group of men about 8 in the age of about 20-30 years in cans of beer in their hands. Apart from them, no one else was there in this park. And it was evening. So I had to choose either to go through this park and go directly next to them, or make up the roads and go around. Me, then twenty-odd years old blonde girl. Within a second I thought: „Hey, I’m full of God, God is with me. I’m going through the park! ” I was overwhelmed by such supernatural courage, so I went straight on to them. When I was around them, one of them blocked my path and asked: „Shall we dance?”, I just said: „Excuse me” and he stepped off the road, so I calmly walked through the stairs and only heard another one who said: ,, I’m sorry for my friend. ” It was only when I passed them that I realized what God had done, because normally I would go around if I had to go through a group of men under the influence of alcohol, and God has crossed me through it so much that they even apologized to me.

Once, when I was working on a computer on a project, it turned out that my computer caught some virus and that made it impossible for me to continue working. For an hour or so I tried to deal with it myself and delete it with different programs, but to no avail. I could not call anyone because it was late. I turned on, turned off, reset, scanned the computer with different programs and nothing. I wanted to give up when I heard such a thought: „Who knows best about computers?”. And it dawned on me! : D Jesus Christ! So I asked Him for help in this matter. When I said, „Amen”, I do not know why – I pressed the space, the computer was reset and the virus was gone.

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