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 I didn’t plan such a blog. Miejsce Akcji was to promote my insatiable, writing soul. But God demanded attention. This i show it happened:

It’s July 2014. I already know that I am starting a blog. I have no idea about the name – I ask God for it. One day I wake up and the absolutely first thought that dominates my consciousness is Miejsce Akcji. A lot of water, however, passes before this place is 100% occupied by my Father.

A few years later, when I have no idea about the blog, I reject all sorts of combinations.

I devote myself entirely to God, pray for fasting and … what is my surprise when after a few days I receive the answer: Miejsce Akcji is to be a blog completely focused on worship and love.

So welcome to a place that is meant to proclaim His glory.

I warmly welcome every person who feels part of the Royal Family and wants to live in the atmosphere of Heaven, expanding its dimensions.

My name is Iwona, I live in Poland, in the mountains with my husband and two cats, in a place that became God’s promise from Mark 10: 29-30. I was born again in 2005 and it is a long story full of amazing Jah’s guidance that I will share on a regular basis.

I reserve this zone for the old hands. Let’s sit down at a richly set table.
God bless you!

If you want to write to me, do it via private message on Fanpage or by e-mail: [email protected]

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