This time, 2003 was a pre-harvest. In a moment I was to meet Him, all my interior knew somewhere deeply that something new was coming: -) In the end I changed the recipient of this poem, because it does not suit man, but like a glove, it matches Jah.

18 th of June 2003

I’m going … my feet and thoughts driving through the wind,
eyes look confidently in Blue,
I am swaying between flowers,
I sculpt every wave in the sand,
I draw constellations on a night grenade,
I spend whole days giving names to the clouds …
I have so much time …
But there was a time  I ran blindly
and blades of grass cut my face
the rays of the sun were a hostile element,
I wanted to leap all the waves,
to find peace behind the horizon.
But there came a rainy day-
I stood as usual – under a big tree,
to silence the wrath of angels in silence
then someone warmed me with a cozy wing-
… love has Your arms …

– For God,  my eternal Dad

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