I am a Muslim who met Jesus Christ.

Imagine a Muslim family of the 1980s in which nothing is missing; from material well-being to love. In which everything goes along the course of generations; men take care of the work and women home and children who want to be good Muslims as their parents. At the same time, parents do not forbid them to learn about other customs and religions:

„Their habits are not our habits. Christianity is a completely different religion. You’ll find out for yourself. Remember that when you are there. Show respect, but don’t forget who you are. ” (Samai’s father on daughters’ visit to a Christian church)

And then comes the day when one of the children, in addition the youngest and in addition a female, announces: There is no God but Jesus!

Samaa Habib is this child and as it happens with Jesus – with the confession of Him as their Lord and Savior, every adventure is just beginning: -)!

Sweet, happy childhood in the company of Jews and Christians, Muslim customs, followed by war, hunger when total lawlessness prevailed on the streets and people froze in a queue for bread – Samaa talks about all this and does it in a very cheerful way, but also very pictorial – when she describes her physical suffering after the explosion of a bomb in a church, I sometimes feel her tangible pain.

„Why did Muslims kill Muslims? Where was Allah when we prayed to him? (Samaa Habib on the war)

Is the war that changed the fate of the Habib family and all residents the key event? Not yet.

It is the day when Samaa proclaim Jesus as Savior and God.

The book swallowed me up completely – I had tea brewed to drink while reading – I did not have time to fill it with water, because when Samaa Habib drew me into the story of my life, I did not leave until the last page closed behind her.

On how it came about that the Muslim woman turned away from Allah, whom she wanted to serve,

about the great and extremely useful passion of Samaa,

about how you can change from a Muslim woman to a superman,

about how you can be a woman in pants in a Muslim country and not be afraid of it at all,

how to preach Jesus to Islamic rapists and survive

and what Jesus does with a man who decides to follow Him everywhere – all of this you can read in the book „Face to Face with Jesus” by Samaa Habib , Bodie Thoene

When I read this book,

  I told myself one thing: I want to give it to people who are hungry for real, uplifting and absolutely amazing stories! This book is also perfect for people who do not necessarily have Christianity along the way – because it tells such an amazing story that it is hard to believe that all this happened to one thirty-year-old woman 🙂

It is quite possible that you have friends, neighbors of Islamic faith in your surroundings.
This book is a good gift – this will allow them not only to read an unusual story about an impossible matter for them, but also to warm their hearts – Samaa (who now lives in California, but there is little information about it on the Internet) describes her childhood, family, country in a moving way. When she describes her favorite food, I almost feel like a guest at her table.
This story also shows us that every man is loved by God, that for everyone in every corner of the world a real adventure awaits, if (s)he does the impossible – take Jesus by the hand.

Face to Face with Jesus Samaa Habib , Bodie Thoene

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