Which church to choose?

Probably each of us was brought up in some religious way – and even if not, we have certainly had contact with people of different spiritual beliefs – and I do not mean only Christian denominations, because many people have a spiritual life unrelated to the Christian God, and this spiritual, inner development is an important part of life for them.

This post is aimed at people who are looking for a Christian fellowship for the first time or because they have been disappointed. Or perhaps they have never really studied the subject, have little or no knowledge of the Bible, and are secretly hoping that someone will explain it wisely to them.

Maybe you are in a place when you feel completely discouraged by the current doctrine and you do not see the light in the tunnel anywhere?

I myself stayed in two different denominations for a long time; Catholic and Protestant. Over the past 16 years, I have visited countless churches, communities, talked (and constantly talk) literally with thousands of followers of different denominations, and eventually stayed with one community, but that’s about it at the end.

Let what I write be a gentle hint on what to pay attention to in order to save yourself time, nerves, and perhaps tears and lost years.

Basic Bible Truth

The basic truth for a Christian as set forth in the Scriptures is that

Jesus Christ is the Son of God – being God at the same time – who came to Earth in a human body to redeem each of us from sin and give everyone who sincerely believes, His spirit and eternal life. And He did it out of grace – for free.
He is the only mediator between God and man.

The Gospel testifies to the foregoing.


if you meet believers who preach at least 1 of the following, for example, that

– Jesus Christ is not also God

– Jesus is not the only way to God

– you cannot have access to God or a relationship with Him

– Only the elect have the Holy Spirit

– you need to do any work to deserve salvation

– in their church, everyone loves each other, they are happy and no one is depressed

– their church is the only true denomination, it is a „remnant” that will be saved

– there is no salvation outside their church

– have an answer to every question

– they threaten you with the imminent end of the world, they prey on human fear and / or weakness

– have regular contact with their angel / angels who obey them

– you should apply the law of the Old Covenant (~ Testament)

– salvation is by law

– The Holy Bible is not enough, you need additional studies, books, brochures

– you cannot interpret the Holy Scriptures on your own, without the participation of another human being

– There is only one way to interpret the Holy Scriptures

– they have the best (and only good) translation of the Scriptures

– believe that participation in the service is the duty of every believer

– you shouldn’t pray to Jesus Christ

– you should pray to someone else besides God (Triune)

Golden advice

Before you begin your search for fellowship, begin your search for God and His Spirit – seek God in personal, reflective study of the Scriptures, ask Him for the Holy Spirit, which He spares no one, on the contrary, he gives away generously. (Luke 11: 9-13) He will be your best guide, the proclaimer of the one (T) truth. He knows you and knows how to find you.

It is He who, according to His will, can direct you to a given community – just listen to Him. Search „the depths of God” with Him (1 Corinthians 2: 10-13)

Today I am in this one community – I strengthen myself, I nourish myself and He teaches me what and whom to believe. I encourage you to do the same. Ultimately, being with God is about becoming His church, His living temple.

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