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God is love

I recently dropped out of Bible school. After I left, I needed a wake-up call. A few days passed and we wanted to watch a movie with my beloved one. I wanted to see something about healings, prayers, the church, the living God – I didn’t feel like any pointless plot. However, I was afraid …


Which church to choose?

Probably each of us was brought up in some religious way – and even if not, we have certainly had contact with people of different spiritual beliefs – and I do not mean only Christian denominations, because many people have a spiritual life unrelated to the Christian God, and this spiritual, inner development is an …


I am going to Mozambique to love people.

Ania – she engages in love because, as she says, God loved her first. She’s  on the way. That means that her home is where she lives. That means that every day she learns how to love. And yet, she never knows where to go, because she walks with Him. She also likes to meet …