God will give you everything you need – part 2

…. you will see how the Jewish Sabbath begins !

As the sun began to set, I appeared at the door of the summer house that Hezi rented.
I think he heard me through the open, low window because he opened it immediately and invited me inside.
Above me there stood a table covered with fruit, olives, bread, fish, crackers and other miracles. I wondered where such a big dispersion between dinner ingredients came from?

– I‘ve grabbed what was here. Jews start the Sabbath very solemnly; there is plenty of food and drink, and one who does not get drunk with joy is like sleeping on the Sabbath. Hezi instructed me.

When I wanted to reach for the juicy grape, Hezi drove me away from the table.

– First, a song for adoring Yahweh. -Hezi begins to sing, and after a while changes into my teacher, teaching me the expressive verse of one of the Hebrew songs. And so we sing a good 15 minutes above this food, but after a few minutes I can not cope, because I can barely stop running saliva. In the end, we sit down to dinner!

The food is delicious, Hezi because of the circumstances drink extremely little wine, the rest of the evening we spend talking about God, and I can not leave the admiration of the miracle of this event that I am just experiencing. No way ?! – not for God!

Consequences of a broken key

Feast of the Sabbath we finished around 1.30 at night. Saying goodbye, I returned to my apartment – or rather, in front of its door. I pulled out the key and …. I screwed it so unfortunately that it got stuck in the lock!
Great! It is the middle of the night – I will not wake Gianna, just to make also  Giorgos angry and together they will come to the conclusion that there is nothing else but the change of the lock, which can not be done in night anyway. In addition, I MUST take off my contact lenses !! I already feel the sand under my eyelids, my eyes will explode until morning!

I went to the beach and went under a shed with deckchairs. When I tried to take a nap on one of them, I discovered what a paradox is; I was in a so-called ‘hot country’ and I could not sleep on the beach from the cold!
Mercilessly trembling, I wondered what to do ?! – after a while it turned into a cry to God. I had two worries at the moment: the lack of lens accessories and the all-encompassing chill that the shorts and T-shirt could not handle.
And suddenly, for some reason, I felt that I had to go to the bathroom belonging to the campsite, so-called. caravanning, which was about 30 m away. I had no idea why I was going there, but when I went  in and stood in front of the mirror, I saw … .. a small sealed bottle on the mirror.
I could not believe what I saw, I KNEW that it was for me – I took it in my hand. It was a bottle with liquid for contact lenses. My eyes were saved!

I left the caravanning and there was still a question of sleeping …… and suddenly another thought occurred to me! – a house in Koutouloufari !!
It’s so close! After a dozen or so minutes, breaking through the thicket of a completely dark garden, I reached the door that had not been closed for a long time. I found a mattress and lay down – let the ants bite me! I closed my eyes so grateful to God that he saved so many hopeless things in a few moments, I floated my thoughts into memories and beginnings in this house ….

Chicken from heaven

… it was like this: I came here and I knew, among other things, that I had to save money because it is not known what the nearest days, weeks or even months will be. I ate modestly and through a rather poor diet, I began to dream more and more … of  eating! One day I was lying on my mattress on my back, talking to God and dreaming:
Dad, I’m dreaming about baked chicken. And baked potatoes. And to this bamies in tomato sauce! – a normal tourist would go to the local canteen and order something like that, but I could not afford it. And I felt that that set would save my life that day! I had not eaten anything warm for a few days.

It did not take 10 minutes when John- the owner of this place called, asking if he could come for a while, see how I’m doing. After a few minutes, he arrived, crossed the threshold of the flat and handed me a warm package.

– I thought it would taste good to you. – he said. When I opened the package, it was followed by: baked chicken, baked potatoes and bamies in tomato sauce …

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
(Matthew 6: 31-33)

About the meeting of an angel in human body, found money, dreamed places and return full of surprises – in the next episode.

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