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God is love

I recently dropped out of Bible school. After I left, I needed a wake-up call. A few days passed and we wanted to watch a movie with my beloved one. I wanted to see something about healings, prayers, the church, the living God – I didn’t feel like any pointless plot. However, I was afraid …


Sexy woman

I was walking through the middle of the mall and then I saw her: a tall blonde in high-heeled shoes which she didn’t seem to wear very often. From a distance I could see the hem of her red bra – it protruded from the body-hugging top on thin straps. Looking at her skirt, I …


Dead deeds.

The Bible says a lot about works. We, as spirit-born people, often approach the question of deeds with some suspicion, seeing a lot of work in them. I always  turn on the red light, when I hear that someone will have a „good deed” or that someone else is doing a lot of good. Since …