Christian series? I have some doubts

Some time ago I mentioned 3 series that I think promote good – which are worth paying attention to if Christian values are not too far from us.
I mentioned the „Sweet Magnolias” CLICK among them and after watching the second season, sorry … I have to come back with criticism.
Why? Attention, there will be spoilers!

As I mentioned in my previous review, three friends regularly meet at one of them over a margarita. A man is not a camel, he must drink – a sarcastic saying sounds and yes, I know that Jesus and the apostles also drank wine (in fact it was a weak drink at the time) but this margarita accompanies the girls absolutely every time and in quite large amounts – the capacity of American glasses as well as the jug for this drink is really impressive and I do not know if you can leave such a meeting completely sober – I hope that all friends live relatively close to each other and go to such meetings on foot.

With alcohol, the situation is somewhat „saved” by Helen, when she switches to iced tea. But why? Because she’s pregnant with an ex-boyfriend who doesn’t even know about it. And although she loses her pregnancy, she does not come to any Christian conclusions, but without blinking an eye she suddenly decides to undergo IVF!

Speaking of the children, Maddie’s gesture of reaching out to Noreen, who is giving birth to Maddie’s husband’s baby, and the entire forgiveness process is truly commendable, is a good thing … at the same time, we meet Maddie’s male friend who informs her that they will probably make it soon to adopt a child; him and … his boyfriend / partner – to which Maddie reacts with overly enthusiasm. I don’t know how I would behave if a homosexual person close to me shared with me the joy of adoption with their partner – and I’m sorry, I know, because a lesbian friend in a casual conversation on the messenger wrote to me about it. I didn’t write back anything. I do not know if it was a good solution then, but I remember that it was the best I could do in this situation.

As we learn, another heroine – Dana Sue is divorced, she also has a younger admirer with whom she flirts without embarrassment – but I’m not about it. At some point her ex-husband decides to come back to her, so he starts to fight for her again, and Dana Sue, like a teenager, doesn’t know what to choose; here she is having spontaneous sex with her ex, here she is dating a new boyfriend.

And in general, it wouldn’t be the whole topic because we know how the world works. Especially I do not expect anything grandiose from Netflix, but in this series I hear slogans such as „Praise the Lord!”, „God will take care of it!”, „Amen!” when they clink another glass of margarita and our heroines do not draw any Christian conclusions – for 2 seasons it has not yet reached them that they are selling us – viewers – their hypocrisy. Well, unless the show was meant to be mocking like the „Greenleafs” (I have a feeling Oprah Winfrey wanted to expose what’s behind all these Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! And so on)
And with alcohol…. it is known that large companies „stuff” their products into popular series to convince us to buy, which is why in many series all friends meet over alcohol (have you noticed?) but I think that if such big declarations are made among the heroines, if the producers they’ve gone so far – and it’s not easy to portray faith in pop culture – they should avoid making such serious concessions and agreements with Netflix. This is another proof that it is impossible to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds (in Polish version it’s literally: to give God a candle and give the devil a candle-end.)

Sweet magnolias lost their charm after the second season, they are a part of this world for me and at the moment I prefer to include a „non-Christian” series, because for me it is much more real than the pseudo-Christian version of „Sex and the City”. Sweet magnolias left me a bitter disgust.

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