Which church is the best?

If you are a one who believed in God and then believed in God and His Son Jesus Christ, then you create a family with me – we can shake hands .

However, if you hurry to ask me what church I belong to before you give me this hand, my advice would be: let God examine your heart.


We humans are all a bit different and we are constantly looking for drawers for ourselves; German, Australian, Chinese, White, Black, Patriot, Rightist, Leftist, Plumber, Entrepreneur, Raisin/No Raisin Cheesecake,

And also: Catholic, Charismatic, Protestant, Baptist, Calvinist Evangelical, Reformed Evangelical, Seventh-day Adventist, Saturday-day Adventist, etc.

Let’s stay with this last categorization.

Almost every religious believer belongs somewhere – for a reason. Sometimes it’s a family tradition, sometimes it’s a conscious choice we make over others. For some reason, we choose Jehovah’s Witness organization over the Catholic church, or Evangelical Reformed over Calvinists. Or we trade one for the other and… we always, every time we think we’re right, more than the others in the other churches.
We are also ready to justify this right and do not accept that we could be wrong. Or that something is wrong with our community. And not only are we willing to justify and defend our reason (which we often call the only truth), but we also encourage others to share our enthusiasm, opinion and join our community.

I had that too. Although I used to be an open-minded person, I liked to discuss with different people (this character trait pushed me to learn several foreign languages and pore over maps, dictionaries and encyclopedias for hours :-)) and find out what they think about a given topic, and I listened to them with curiosity and was ready to change my opinions, then at some stage of my life I came across the only truth – a Christian congregation, which turned out to be an enlightenment, which showed me step by step how the world works according to God, what exactly God is like, what requires me and….how wrong are those who are outside our church. And that they need to be rescued, made aware, brought to our only truth. So I went on a mission.

My situation was more than comfortable – because I already knew everything. Nothing but a tutor’s position to share these truths with lost, unenlightened people; Catholics in the first place (they could be placed in line with pagans), atheists, evangelicals, Pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other not-so-lucky people who only thought they had found God.

I will not say that thanks to these years spent in the truth-the only one I have experienced a lot … a lot of wonderful moments, conversations, friendships, actions, adventures, travels, but THAT day has come.

The day I began to see the complexity of the world again. It puzzled me at first because I was still standing in that inviolable place of instilled beliefs.

Over time, I began to discover that I might not know something, of course, I could look for ways to conjure reality, explanations, browse through books and YT channels that would only confirm the opinion I would like to have on this subject, but I decided to do what I always did in such situations. moments – to go to my cell and wait for an explanation from Father Himself.

With each passing month and year, I discovered how little I knew, and it saddened me. During one of our „sessions” with the Father, He revealed to me something so trivial and yet liberating. It sounded something like this:

– If you know who I am for you and what Jesus did for you, then you know as much as you should. Everything else is an add-on.

This was followed by confirmation with words from the Bible. I don’t remember where this verse is located, but after my paraphrase it goes like this:

– Do not strive to know even more, because God has already revealed much more to you than others.

And the opposite of what I expected happened – I didn’t stand over the others, but… I merged with them, I walked into the crowd, hooded, again watching and listening to people.

For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 
or now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
(1 Corinthians 13,9-12)

In time, God led me to the desert – there were months when I spent hours in the forest. On what? Silent in the presence of God, absorbing Him. Afraid to move and ask questions to give Him all the space and time He needs to reveal Himself to me. I wanted nothing more. Only Him.
And then he led me through the desert again – by chance (conventional term) I came across the book „Il me montra la ville „(„And He Showed Me the City”) by the monk Pierre-Marie Delfieux. When I finished the book, I wanted even more desert – space for my soul and spirit. I also needed meditation – but not the one from the Far East, rather the Christian one – and I found Catholic clergy. As you can see, I did not find this in the Protestant churches, which, however, have always been dogma closer to my understanding. However, I discovered a simple fact: if you have a mature freedom in your heart and know who you are in God, you can easily talk to a fan of any church, you can go to any community (but you don’t have to participate in rituals you don’t agree with) and respect people. and be curious about them. And to love them just like that, with God’s unfettered love.

I think that God had/wanted to lead me through all the „lands” so that I could take something for myself from each – it was a journey to freedom. Today I no longer need to identify myself with any denomination, any church – if you love Yahweh God and His Son, Jeshu – we are brothers and sisters.

There is no point in fighting cats with each other – let’s do our job, let’s go today the path that God shows each of us – tomorrow may be different! It is important that you and I follow God the Father and do His will.

There is no point in arguing and fighting, because if we both love God, we will end up in the same heaven (whatever you call it or imagine it) where we will spend eternity together. You understand? We will be stuck with each other forever – what I wish us!

If you are a man who believed in God and then believed in God and His Son Jesus Christ, then you form a family with me – we can shake hands – and raise them together in the praise and thanksgiving of our Father.

I don’t know much today. Less than ever, but I know that I have God in my heart – and He has me in my heart, that’s enough for me, that’s all I have to bring to people. I am free from all wisdom, the mission of my life is to proclaim the Kerygma by word and deed.

I am His church, His temple, and He is the only authority, the only perfect Guide.

I do not know everything. You don’t know everything either – let’s bring the light of the gospel, let’s disperse the darkness in the world so that Christ will always and everywhere be exalted, and once again the truth will set us free – from ourselves.

There are as many ways to be a Christian as there are human beings on earth, and God prefers each, helps each, supports each. It does so in the infinite variety whose secret it holds.

Il me montra la ville ” (Pierre-Marie Delfieux)

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