You don’t know how to pray? Just meditate

Brother, Sister in Jesus, as I write this post, I’m pretty sure that if you love God, you’d like to spend more time with Him. Precious time. You would like to really experience this biblical promise to be filled with „living water” and to satisfy all your spiritual longings. And reach for something new, bigger that will bring you closer to the Father.

All this is sometimes difficult – in today’s civilization, which does not give a moment of respite and constantly wants to occupy our minds, eyes and ears with something of its own.
However, the Spirit of God comes to meet us and is ready to close Himself with us in the proverbial cell and speak to us there and be silent with us. And in His speaking and our silence, maturity is born.

This process is called broadly understood prayer, or … meditation. We associate prayer with a multitude of words; promises to God, earnest prayers, sometimes thanksgiving, and even rituals.

Meditation is just the opposite – it is completely withdrawing into the shadows and giving space to God. It is seeing Him in the place where He is de facto – the King’s place. Lord of all being, Savior, Father, impenetrable spirit … who wants to be meditated on (Psalm 105: 4-5) (Sir 6:37) (Psalm 143: 5) (Psalm 77:12) (Psalm 63: 7)

I know from personal experience that God wants to talk to us, but often cannot break through – because there are too much of us, our matters.
But how do you make it make sense?

I admit that I suffer from the so-called Overthinking. While still lying in bed, I organize activities for the next days in my head, at the same time thinking about vacation, home repairs, garden and what I want to do the next day. This does not make it any easier to be with God tete -a -tete.

And the moment came when I started looking for my Father – I was as thirsty as possible! I didn’t want to live a single day more without His conscious presence, intimate closeness.
It was then that I discovered Christian meditation – I happened to come across the Pogłębiarka channel, where a former Jesuit, Daniel Wojda, conducts online meditation. I did not know what to expect – but I know that if they are Jesuits, it means even Ignatius Loyola – a Christian Zen master; -) I took a risk.
And I stayed. It was something I needed. Me and my spirit.

Daniel Wojda conducts a meditation based on the Word of God – contrary to fears, it is not a form of a sermon or teaching. Instead, a fragment, a scene from the Holy Bible. , from the Gospel is a kind of helper here – it allows us to „jump” into the reality of Jesus’ world like a radio play and …. stay there. In his world.
The meditation takes about an hour, however I would call it a word, in which there is a whole lot of space for man and for God. For those two. There is little leading talk, but a lot of opening the spirit to God – He plays the first fiddle, He is the most.
This is the time when you can focus completely on God and get to know Him – you can and even should ask the Holy Spirit to open you to Himself, to guide you as He wants.

Short note: This text was first written in Polish – that is, in my native language. I did not search to see if there are any clergymen who conduct Christian meditation in English (or another language), but I think it is worth entering this slogan in YT resources or having a look at the Jesuit websites.

What is Christian meditation?

I would say that this is focusing on God instead of on yourself or nothingness. And this calms the mind, I feel my muscles relax every time – just thinking about my Dad calms me down, relaxes me and…. makes you happy.
Contrary to appearances, I do not have to focus on anything external; wood or stone – when I enter the world described in the Bible, I also find a purification of the mind, filling it with good things – and these do not burden me. I often let my imagination run wild, remembering that „for God nothing is impossible” (Lk 1:37) and I already imagine eternal life with Him, in His kingdom – and the moment when we will begin to be together without any limits. I imagine Him as a companion in all that is upbuilding, beautiful, crazy and exciting.
I also remember the past; how God let me know, how we started our adventure together, how much good He has done for me.

God always focuses not so much on emptiness as on fullness. We are to be full of spirit, full of faith, hope, love, forgiveness, we are to abound. God even promises that although we do not understand Him completely now, someday we will know Him fully, and that about Jesus that the fullness of divinity resides in Him. (Colossians 2: 9).

When we fill ourselves with Him, we will find His peace, His place of perfect relaxation. Especially since God knows us and knows what each of us needs.

If you do not know how to pray, would like to spend time with your Dad, choose Christian meditation.

God is glorified when I think more of Him than myself.

Bless you

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