I recommend the movie

Beautiful, wise, upbuilding. A little over twenty minutes of video – because it is on YouTube. A film that won several awards and was made by Croatian author Nikola Horvat-Tesla. A film about the adventure of a lifetime.

Nikola wanders through the mountains of this world (the aforementioned material is made in Colorado, USA) and along the way he meets people of different nationalities who share the same great passion with him: hiking. And I would rather say: being a part of nature, love for unfettered freedom, learning the primeval life.

The people he meets are of all ages, speak different languages, but each of them speaks the same about their journeys.
I understand them completely by listening to them. I can imagine how they feel as they wander, leaving things behind them, including their anger, the course of their life, or their depression.
I do the same when I am in the mountains, which is why Nikola’s film makes me nostalgic for another fusion with the world in which God placed me and said: Look, experience and be amazed!

Personally, I treat mountain hiking as a great metaphor of life itself, with healing power – and not only me. The heroes of Nikola Horvat’s film as well. Soon I will write about my wandering, meanwhile, I encourage you to watch this video, from which you will learn, among others:

  • what hiking has to do with depression
  • how wandering arranges life priorities
  • what we learn about ourselves by wandering
  • what we learn about others by wandering
  • what we learn about time

What can you expect from the movie? Beautiful music, good narrative and I think stopping for a moment, reflecting on life – and it is good.
CLICK and watch.
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Be blessed!

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