Is anyone among you sick? A comforter for the temporarily unwell #3


Then you will know that I am the Lord,
For they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me.

(Isaiah 49, 23)



It’s hard to maintain unwavering faith when circumstances don’t change, isn’t it? BUT… why do we need faith when everything is smooth? Jesus didn’t come for easy times, and He wasn’t born as a human in easy times – it was challenging from the beginning; His birth was marked by many difficulties and dramas, then societal misunderstanding, forging new paths, persecution, and ultimately, crucifixion. And what about His first disciples? Condemned by society, family, often losing everything, including their lives, yet they never experienced shame in the hope placed in God! God always, forever the same – anyone, throughout the centuries, who believes in Christ, will not be ashamed! Trust and believe. Don’t stand on the threshold; step with both feet into the place where God is and place all your trust in Him. And never withdraw!


– God, You promised that whoever comes to You will not be ashamed. Help me trust, let me know You as a faithful God!


For the body: When in illness, it’s quite possible that your body is constantly subjected to various tests, diagnostics, therapies, and other manipulations. Perhaps you have already forgotten how it feels to do something for pleasure with your body. At one point, I forgot, so I chose to go for a relaxation massage. What a pleasant feeling it was! Despite regular physiotherapy, for one day, I stepped out of the patient role and was who I am all the time for God: a person, a woman created for His and my pleasure.

For example, if you’re a man and reading this advice with a slight doubt, I assure you – it will do you good! Men also go for massages, especially after a hard, physically exhausting day. Try it once, you can choose a male masseur. Be like a footballer! If you have no contraindications, I suggest a sauna – a haven for a weary body!


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