War seen from the other side of the border

On February 24, I woke up to find out that about 1000 kilometers from my home, people had been attacked. And yet, I thought. Already then, for several weeks, we all wondered: Will Putin attack or not? Each of us certainly hoped it would not come to an end, but here in Poland we have some experience that always takes the worst into account.

So war

These words were heard by every Pole who turned on the radio on September 1, 1939. They were read out by Józef Małgorzewski – a journalist of the Polish radio.
As we can find out: on September 1, in the morning before 5.00, the German army attacked Poland without announcing a war. The Nazis planned quickly, because in a dozen or so days at most, to deal with our troops. They stayed another 6 years.

Vladimir Putin – until recently called the president of Russia, today less indulgent, but now officially a „war criminal”, also attacked a peaceful Ukraine, without declaring war, like a thief while most of the nation was still asleep. Apparently, the plan was simple: get Kyiv within 2 days. He did not expect the resistance of the Ukrainians, just as Hitler did not expect the resistance of the Poles.

Since the war broke out in our neighbors, I have been receiving messages from friends all over the world with numerous questions: How is the war? How is the situation in Ukraine and Poland? What’s going on? What is this war for?

I decided to answer here, almost a month from the beginning …..

The beginning of the first reports of human losses. About successive, demolished buildings, villages on fire, streets destroyed. The beginning of the great exodus of Ukrainians across the Polish border, where probably no one was left without help or care.
At present, 2.2 million refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Poland – mainly women and children. The men had to stay in the country.
According to the UN, over 3 million people have left Ukraine in total since February 24. Most people come to Poland (around 50,000 a day), the rest, around 38,000, seek refuge in other neighboring countries, such as Hungary, Moldova, and Slovakia. Today it is not known yet how many people from the 44 million people will leave their homeland.

As I mentioned, I am sure that no one, absolutely none of the refugees in need was left without help; after a successful transition to the Polish side, they get a hot meal, drinks, clothes, clothes and toys for children, food for pets, and many people wait in their cars to take those in need anywhere; either where they want, because they already have a place, or for a designated, safe place, and such are organized in all Volunteer Fire Department facilities (after-school clubs, sports centers. However, most Ukrainians found a safe haven in the private homes of Poles who literally rushed to help .

I am impressed by this common move! I usually observe such uprisings once a year at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, I also saw such uprisings when we all followed the fate of Fardin Kazemi – an Iranian truck driver who broke down in our country and kept him here for two months; Fardin was taken care of by the common people, feeding him and trying to repair his car, until an online collection started and Fardin got a new truck! Today he also helps the Ukrainians.
Ordinary people, too, welcome Ukrainians under their roof, and organize „Internet trips” on the immediate needs of our guests.

Miracles happen in this war, which is evil in itself. The stance of the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, is commendable. And this is still probably too small a term. It is said that he is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Zelenski, like any other Slovenian soul, does not bother talking to other politicians – he has been asking for weeks to close the skies over Ukraine, but he has not lived to see it and will probably never see it – it would mean sending NATO planes into the Russian conflict (this is not a conflict Russian-Ukrainian, because Ukraine did not want to and does not want any conflict) that is the start of another world war. These are difficult issues, I do not want to comment or evaluate them here. Maybe years after the war we will learn the truth, or at least the remains of facts about which today – we simple people do not even have a clue.

Why did Putin attack Ukraine?

It is said that Putin is completely gone, that he is detached from reality. In my opinion, Putin is simply a dictator, and each dictator has his own vision of the one and right world. And Putin’s vision is and has always been to expand the empire. He has always believed that Ukraine is a strange and artificial creation, and that it should be part of Russia. Well, he wants to take it. Simple? Simple.


They are not strangers to us. Despite the painful past, dripping with blood (the infamous slaughter in Volhynia), which left its mark on our relations for many years, Ukrainians have been emigrating to Poland for several years in search of a better life. Our languages are very similar, so we can get along, our cultures are similar. I see in this war even a chance that this invisible, slightly heavy curtain will fall and the relations between our nations will significantly improve. The ambassador of Ukraine recently said very encouraging words:
“The Ukrainians have lost their older brother – Russia. But we have gained a sister – Poland ”.


Yes, we are wondering if Poland will be next. 30 years of relative peace and 77 years without war…. Is it not too long looking at the history of Europe and Poland? Apart from the entire history of the existence of Poland (from 963), armed conflicts cannot be counted (I scrolled Wikipedia and there was no end to it. CLICK ) only in the last 250 years when Poland was not on the world maps for 123 years, many uprisings, 2 world wars, when Poland was the first and main battlefield, right after World War II we fell from the rain to the gutter, i.e. from Germany into the hands of the USSR – into socialism with just around the corner with communism, and finally 1989 liberation, a new reality, building a new country. And then again the downward sine wave – the rule of Law and Justice (PiS) pushing us under the foot of Russia.

And let me say this: it is not worth losing your vigilance. Nothing is given once and for all. As the classic said, in response to when it’s finally going to be fine.
– There was good already.


The Russians live in total disinformation. Of course, you have to take into account that propaganda during the war is doing very well – I do not hear about the number of victims from the Ukrainian side, but I do hear how many Russian tanks were destroyed, how many generals were killed (recent reports, but I do not know if true, say that the last general was killed by his own Russian soldiers who rebelled against the conditions on the front) However, a multitude of Russians believe that what their television tells them is true – that is, that the slaughter taking place in Ukraine is ” special operation „against Ukrainian nationalists”. Young Russian soldiers were informed that they would be greeted with flowers in Ukraine. Instead, they were greeted by Molotov cocktails.
The facts will begin to emerge as more and more coffins with soldiers return to Russia. Apparently, there are over 16,000 of them.

Many sanctions have been imposed on Russia. Many of them are seemingly banal, but how they make life difficult!
My students from Russia (against the war, despite the up to 15 years imprisonment) have a problem with buying contact lenses, buying vitamin D, and they stopped getting receipts in stores (no paper to print them).
Normal and conscious Russians are against this war.

However, I believe, most of my countrymen, do not lose hope, enjoying every day lived, trying to make it fully lived. And since I collect survival gadgets, that’s by the way. May they only be useful to me at the camping.

Peace of mind, trust in the Higher Power and continuous hope I wish to all of us.

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