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How Can I Talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses? Part 1

You can meet them everywhere. Regardless of the season, day or even weather – they walk door-to-door knocking. Sometimes you can find them standing by a literature stand in the city. Always in pairs, sometimes with a larger group. The men wear suits, the women  wear skirts, and by the side a briefcase or a …


Sexy woman

I was walking through the middle of the mall and then I saw her: a tall blonde in high-heeled shoes which she didn’t seem to wear very often. From a distance I could see the hem of her red bra – it protruded from the body-hugging top on thin straps. Looking at her skirt, I …


And you will know the truth.

In recent weeks, and in fact months and years like a boomerang, the topic of homosexual relationships is returning to the vandanda, and the concept of LGBT itself is expanding by new terms. It didn’t even pass by my Sims – when I bought the Pets add-on, there was already a gay marriage in the …