Non-Christian series and movies – to watch or not to watch?

Many Christians often live with an alert: Is this movie for me – a Christian? If there are scenes of sex or violence, should I watch it? It may also be the case that you have long since sold your TV as the source of all evil, or you only watch Family TV and all Family Friendly movies, stopping at „Anne of Green Gables” or „Frozen” – because you will admit films for older, Christian audiences – they are a bit infantile – like Harlequin only without moments.

I will not find the answer for everyone – because I believe all of you; My brothers and sisters in Christ have a daily, living relationship with God – and it is He who teaches you, educates you to perfection according to His heart. Sometimes in one of the Christian groups I meet the question of a Christian woman whether she can drink alcohol. Below the post there begins a litany of quotations from Scripture, 80% of which refer to the transformation of water into wine in the Canaan of Galilee, immediately justified by the words of the apostle Paul that „drunkards will not inherit God’s kingdom.”
I always say: Ask God directly. You will gain two things: the answer that is best for you, plus a new experience with God that you can tell as a testimony some day.
Perhaps one beer or a glass of whiskey is fine for you, but to someone else God will clearly tell you: Don’t drink at all! (because only God knows if you are prone to alcoholism. Maybe God wants to convey prophetic words to you like John the Baptist and needs your constant readiness).

I have had a lot of experience with God and His living responses since I started taking shortcuts (avoiding the entire herd of my dear fellow believers). And he gives them to me often… .. through the movies I watch!

As a cinema lover, I watch movies quite often – I have many favorite types. Since 2005 I have been watching them a bit differently – every movie I watch, every book I read has a spiritual mirror for me.

Do you know that the movie „Machete” was for me God’s answer to the question of law and justice? At some point, the main character says these words to his friend – a policewoman who upholds law and justice: „Sometimes there is law and there is justice”. These words were revealing for me, and as I say – they were exactly the answer to my question.
A few days ago I was watching The Old Guard – how many metaphors there are for the spiritual life! Even though I was as skeptical about this film as I was about the Matrix – I don’t regret a moment of the screening!

At the same time, I admit that I do not watch pop-culture series offered by, for example, Netflix. Lots of them are pushing LGBT themes. It will not convince me at all – get used to  it, yes. After all, man can get used to everything – but it will not make me look warmer at what Satan takes away from man.

Magic – begone!

I know a lot of believers have a problem with magic in movies – and I find it fascinating! Especially when you read what Tolkien or C.S Lewis meant; I love their films and for me it is the quintessence of the eternal fight between good and evil, in which evil is finally defeated.

And Harry Potter treats – for me – about things…. Which shouldn’t be new to a newborn Christian, looking at examples from the Bible; walking through a closed door (Jesus in the Cenacle, after the resurrection) conjuring up something (multiplication of food) transforming a person into another form (Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt) moving in a supernatural way (Jesus walks on water) – and today’s culture, entertainment draws from the oldest, recorded or orally transmitted stories including the Bible.

The theme of the fight between good and evil is timeless – just like man’s longing for things beyond this earth, supernatural, being more than that, having extraordinary privileges – isn’t this what God wants to give to every person who wishes to live the full Kingdom of God?

When I had barely converted, I never dreamed that God could use a person to heal another, that is, in my opinion, to do something totally out of this world, magical. Today I know that God wants to use a magic wand for each of us – if we are anchored in His heart.

What about sex on the screen?

I personally have no problem with it – for several reasons:

first – movies usually show how the world lives. And I often say to myself: how does man live before meeting Jesus. I used to live like that too.

I admit, I rather avoid films where it is only about sex (e.g. „365 days”) but if these scenes make sense in conveying the further truth, they want to illuminate the protagonist’s motives, such as in the film „The devil’s advocate” or „Addicted” (2014 ) – I have no problem with that.

Secondly – we often hear testimonies of people who tell us about their past, which shows itself to us in a certain picture – if it had been made into a movie, all these scenes; one way or another, sex, beatings, rape and even murder – would be included in it. And I would like to watch such films! because whenever a man finds his way to God, it is a miracle for me – especially when he abandons this darkest path.

Third, I don’t know why focusing so much on sex and ignoring violence – something that some Christians somehow don’t even mention! That the husband watches pornography is already for marriage therapy, and that he watches the movie of category: arm-leg-brain-on the wall and he likes it because he watches another one – no wife does the scandal.

In addition, there is – as I have noticed – a certain scale of immorality in which perhaps the highest offense is sex scenes in terms of marital infidelity, the smallest – sex of two people who are not married. But let’s face it – cinema does not show marital sex, because for the average viewer there is nothing fascinating about it, it does not bear the hallmarks of the forbidden fruit: excitement, tension – and this is what the film is often about.

Fourth, seeing how these people who have not yet met living God  teaches – and at least it can teach – to love them. And understanding – so necessary not to judge when we meet such a person. Jesus did not watch movies – but He did see vivid scenes from the life of his city.
How many of you men visit prostitutes to preach the gospel to them? This is what Jesus did – he watched, talked, processed to understand each of these stories, experience compassion, and bring a solution.

Movies often remind me that people choose evil for various reasons. Most often because they have not known good, that they have not yet been reborn again – in good.

The movies also remind me that every person has a chance, everyone is loved by my God, regardless of how he lived to this day.

So I do not avoid „ordinary” movies, but sometimes I like to sit back in this comfortable world of an obvious, „safe” plot – surely such a movie is Michael Landon’s Love Comes Softly – and based on Janette Oke’s books; besides this movie, you can see 5 more from this series! It is a pleasant, long, Sunday session – but not without suffering, hardships, death, partings and disappointments. They must come into being, be exposed so that the grace of God and the free will of man, who ultimately chooses good and love, may shine in their firmament.

I could just mention it, but let’s make an agreement that I will make a review of the films watched for you with a visible message, and books with a visible message. For your interpretation.

If you’d like to share your experience with God as He led you on this topic, or just give your opinion – don’t hesitate to comment below or here.
God bless you!

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