The next level of prayer – are you ready ?

Sometimes you feel that your spiritual life has come to a standstill, that every prayer is similar and brings no change. And that others are SOOOO spiritual and you are constantly boxing with something.

The spiritual life of those who have believed God is changing. It should evolve – this relationship should be deeper, we should also hear God’s voice better. Only for this to happen, one condition is needed.

He must become greater; i must become less (John  3:30)

John the Baptist said this about himself as the one who is to make the way for the coming Messiah.

Each of us was sent BEFORE Christ – we are to pave the way for the Truth, without drawing the attention of the „crowd” to ourselves. And not only the crowd !

I discovered this one day as i was contemplating my spiritual life: MY spiritual life …… MY needs, MY growth, MY heart …..

And suddenly it dawned on me – in the spiritual life very little is about me and very much about Him; my God, Father, Savior.

Spiritual reality has a reason to exist because of Him – it does not exist because of me, only because of Him. It is He – God who is to be at the center of my every prayer, not my affairs constantly – they do not end there!

By the way – in English we write „I” from a capital letter, and „you” or „he” in the context of God – from a small one. Hasn’t things got mixed up here? I don’t like it and started fighting with it, writing „i” in the middle of the sentence and giving a space to others. 38 years of ME in this life! It’s time to change!
Don’t you think that the great „I”  is the problem of today’s world? Think about it.

So, how many times do we wonder what God thinks about us? How does He receive us? Will He solve our problems? How does He see everything we do?

And guess what: at some stage of spirituality it is  not important.

I got to the point where i stopped praying, asking for anything material. I just want Him and to know His heart. And His wisdom. This has become my only prayer.

It is easy to place yourself in the center of prayer – to consider your every thought, work, God forbid: deed, life decisions and literally make yourself the main figure in the arena of all spiritual reality, thinking that everyone; God in the Trinity, the angels, the whole spiritual world are focused on us, they judge us, they look at us all the time. Actually…. They look at Him.

I believe that God’s wisdom revealed to me completely different:

Our every prayer will be complete, good when HE and only HE is in the center.

What does this mean in practice? Let’s turn it around: i focus completely on God’s heart, i ponder Jesus’ life, His wisdom,  recall experiences with God – what did i learn about Him through them? What do i know ABOUT HIM from personal experience? What does HE say about Himself? I’m hungry! I want to know that !!

Some people said this year, „Eh, this year we don’t really celebrate Christmas, there’s nothing to celebrate” – hello! Christmas is about God, not you! He has not changed; He was, is and will be the same! You cannot dethrone God because there is a coronavirus.
Rather, enjoy the fact that in this world where there is either too much (garbage, fake news, etc.) or too little (love, empathy, honor, forests …), God is EXACTLY THE SAME. Good.
 It gives a sense of security, He is (for me at least) like a lighthouse in a rough, raging sea. He is. And  always will be. I am not canceling holidays. And you?

If you get to a place where the only prayer focused on you is:

Search me, God, and know my heart (Psalm 139, 23-24)

You will simply enter His lighthouse and dwell in peace. With Him.
I encourage you to try.

Bless you all!

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