Do you feel you disappoint God too?

You know, many people refuse to come to God because, even though they are not aware of it, they feel that God will be disappointed in them anyway. That they are not enough by His exacting standards. This attitude is hidden in ignorance, cynicism, and aversion. And I’m not surprised at all. It’s just that a person, before actually knowing something, heard about it and then imagined it. And this already creates a cognitive dissonance.

But what, when you accepted Christ as your savior, you talk about him, „walk with him” and every now and then you find yourself feeling that he is disappointed in you?

Because you’re doing not enough? (of course, you always compare yourself with others)

This problem comes up every now and then – not only in my life, but also in Christians with whom I speak sincerely. You, too, admit to yourself that sometimes you do! – that you think that you have stopped somewhere on this God’s way, in this Christianity, that you prefer to watch the series than study the Bible, and immediately after that a little „ghost” of the apostle Paul appears on your shoulder with all his tirades about discipline and church leadership ( which each of us is – in Christ). You immediately want to straighten up and…. start to change SOMETHING! You feel you’ve let go of the control reins for a while, and here’s what happened! Tiring, right?

Later, you come to God and you feel the one at the far end, the worse, the other, the one who chose the „broad way”. And you don’t even know how to pray or what to say. You feel sad. And hopelessness.

I also came in like that one day and God told me what my problem was. Well…. in me. More specifically:

The problem was that in times of hopelessness I am most important to myself. I focus all my attention on myself. It is myself that I „break down into prime factors”, I do self-analysis and psychotherapy before God. I expect a comforting couch.


Our (mine and yours) only mistake is that we focus on OURSELVES and we should ON HIM. Instead of coming to God with a grumpy face, focus on Him! Completely. Let you not be there at all. You have to become small so that He can be great – for you.

Leave control behind your cell door while you are with Him. Focus on His wonder, grace, beauty, goodness, infinity, wisdom, and lift these qualities to heaven – literally!

Ever since He revealed it to me, He has freed me from a heavy burden. From now on, I break myself down, send my ego to the other room and love Him!

Are you going to be a hypocrite who does one thing and talks another? No. As long as we live on this earth, we struggle. We are looking for solutions, ways of everyday life, work and rest – this is a yoke. Leave them ONCE with Jeshu, you know He took it.

Be worshiped, let the whole universe and all planets know what HE is like. You may not be perfect, not perfect yet, but in Him you are sufficient.

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Let me know how is it with you? How do you deal with such emotions, feelings? You can leave a comment here or on Facebook.

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